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• 1/20/2018

Manga, Audiobook, Anime, or All of the above

SO far CHronicles of Eden has been a good series and I always thought that it would be interestin to see it expanded into other mediums. For instance, it would be an interesting change to read the series from start to current in a manga adaptation. The author could reach out to artist to even create the manga, which would give him plenty of time to work on future books. Then, there is the possibility of an audiobook release if he were to find the right narrator. Finally, it would also be interesting to see the books made into an Anime. My reasoning for this being that it would be a nice change for a book, that is not a light novel published in Japan, to be made into an Anime series. Other than that this discussion is basically for the fandom to discuss which of these option would be best to see Chronicles of Eden book series expanded into.
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• 2/3/2018
It would be great to see the series having an anime or manga adaptation, however there are a few issues that have prevented me from exploring those routes. First, due to the graphic nature of the story it would require major editing and cutting sections out otherwise the anime/manga would be rated Adults Only and have a smaller window of reaching the public with limited outlets. Second there's the cost of having either made for the story, which both require a substantial amount of funding to produce. As comfortable as I am living off the income of my books I don't really have the extra cash laying around to have an anime or manga adaptation made for the series just yet.

Though I do pose this question to readers on the chance that someday I can/will have an adaptation produced in either manga or anime format. Would people want to see a direct story translation in the other mediums or would a censored and edited version be acceptable for people to watch? What if the story is greenlit to be produced but requires changes to the overall story and events to be cut out or newly added, would that be acceptable for people or would that ruin the story for them? Let me know how you imagine any adaptation working for the series and what you would want to see someday.
• 2/4/2018
I see where your coming from. Even if you had to clean things up a bit I'm sure the story will still turn out good. For the sex stuff I've seen many anime's and manga's get away with it by implying what was going down. In fact if you need any idea on how to make it work just look at what other manga's and anime's have done in regards to situations like this. Other than that there is always the audiobook route to get some extra cash. I know a lot of self published author who have done this and the best part is you won't have to clean up the language. Trust me I've heard audiobooks that would make what you wrote look tame by comparison. The only advice I can give if you do the audiobook route is to look up your choice of narrators to pick one that would be the best fit for your book series. Other than that I really like your series and just made this discussion to just trow the idea out there because I think it has a lot of potential to expand into other mediums to reach a wider audience. If anything you could always do a kickstarter or patreon to get the money together. Anyway can wait until the next installment of the series and find out how far this rabbit hole goes.
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