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• 2/7/2018

How Will Kindra Fit Into The Group

I figured now is the best time to start a discussion on Kindra also known as the Kitsune that save Daniel and how she will fit into his group. AS we know Kindra has an invested interest in Daniel's well being because she believes he is the key to obtaining an lot of power. This may make it seem like her saving him wasn't out of the kindness of her heart but I believe that might not be the case. At the time Kindra might not have know about Daniel's potential until after she saved his life. After all she has been shown to act before thinking as part of her characterization. While she may view Daniel as a means to an end I think that once she joins the group we might see the kind monster Daniel saw when he was a kid. Now as to when she will join it most likely be after the Gemini are killed because after coming close to losing him Kindra might not be comfortable with letting her 'human' out of her sight. This might have some untapped comedy potential because once she is introduced to Daniel's group and starts starveling with them she can show to be over protective, in the same way Triska was when the journey started, and Daniel's girls can find this to be aggravation causing other hilarious misadventures. However it is done I think that the addition of Kindra can have a lot of potential both for her personal growth when Damiel inevitably brings out the good in her, and as a means to educate the group about the truth of the Dark Queens. Other than that Kindra can defiantly be seen to fill the big sister/mother role for the group.
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• 2/7/2018
I, for one, would love for Kindra to reintroduce herself to Daniel. I'm sure Daniel would be especially happy to see Kindra again; she's the reason he believes monsters are capable of being good. She's the reason for Daniel being who and what he is. I can almost imagine Daniel giving Kindra a hug, as though reunited with an old friend.

However, I'm not sure if this will happen anytime soon. Because Kindra knows that Twilight is misleading Daniel, it probably won't do for Twilight's plans if Daniel and the others find out who she really is, nor what she's really planning to do to Daniel. How she'll be able to keep Kindra away, that is left to speculation.

Now, as for Kindra's personal feelings for Daniel, I do want to think part of her cares about him. As you mentioned, it's unclear whether Kindra noticed Daniel's power BEFORE or AFTER she saved him. We know Kindra hates seeing innocent people die, as demonstrated in Act XI when she wanted to rush and help the elves of Green Haven who have been enslaved by the Sisterhood, so at the time it may have just been her saving a little boy from a horrible fate.

I also think Kindra's been keeping an eye on Daniel and his group for quite some time, perhaps right from the moment he and Triska left Edgewood. She's investing a lot of her time into Daniel reaching his potential so he can release Ragnorok, so it'd make sense that she'd watch him from a distance in order to observe his progress.

It's unknown, and as of right now unlikely that she'll join Daniel's group, at least at first. As mentioned, I would love to see Daniel and Kindra reunite after so many years. I would also like to see the good in her brought out through the kind, loving human whom she saved. But until the opportunity presents itself, we'll just have to be patient and, like Kindra, watch from the sidelines.
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