Daniel's parents and sister

For anyone who's read "Chronicles of Eden," we all know about how Daniel came to be.

His human family died in a monster attack. They killed his mother and sister, and took his father away. Daniel managed to escape their fate thanks to Kindra, a kitsune who saved his life. He witnessed both the evil and good in monsters that day: the fiends who slayed his kin and the fox who saved his life. Even if Kindra did it for her own benefit, what she did for Daniel that day would change all of Eden. So touched by her rescue, he went on to become a visionary, to put an end to the fighting and raping, so that other humans and monsters wouldn't suffer.

Now for the topic of this discussion.

Daniel hasn't yet talked about his past family to any of his recent family. The only reason we, the readers, even know about his past is because Triska told Alyssa and Squeak in Act I. Perhaps it's not important or even obvious, but could there be a reason Daniel isn't telling any of his mates? Is it out of mere pain and an attempt to try and move on? Is he afraid they'll feel confused, especially given how kind and caring he is towards monsters?

On that note, what was the monster(s) who killed Daniel's parents and sister? Does it matter?

And I wonder what his parents' and sister's names were, and what they meant in the world of Eden.