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• 2/12/2018

The Theme of Trust

The World of Eden is a scary one. Humans and Monsters hate each other. Bandits pillage and kill. Darker Ones terrorize without remorse.

In this world, it's so difficult to know who to trust, or even trust at all. And yet, it is something we all count on.

One of the most common themes I've noticed in Mr. Gordon's impressive series is that of trust. Yes, it's a regular theme in stories, but here it's given a great deal of focus.

Daniel's entire mission is based on building alliances between humans and monsters. He wants to put an end to the hatred that's ruling his world and help people. He is brave enough to do something as crazy as trust. He put trust in Alyssa and she managed to prove his belief that monsters can control their nature. Triska and Alyssa learned to trust one other after so much bickering. Daemon had learned that he can trust in his girls because of how loving and loyal they are to him. Max learned to trust in Lelu after he felt sorry for her and gave her a chance like she was a normal girl. Daniel and others chose to trust that there was a good girl within Snapper and thus she became their first baby. With so many examples, trusting others is helping to drive the whole story.

Of course, where there's trust, there's also lies. Twilight is lying to Daniel in hopes of being unleashed and rule over Eden. Falla lied to Daniel when they first met in hopes of raping him. And, as well all know, Jovian and Jacqueline mascaraed a façade in hopes of slaughtering Daniel's mates.

This series has expressed many different issues when it comes to trust. Trust can be either be very kind and beneficial, or very dangerous and foolish. Giving others the benefit of the doubt can help bring out the best in them, as shown with Alyssa. It can also help prove someone's trustworthiness, like it did with Rolian when she told Daniel and the others what happened to Kroanette. However, it can also land you in danger, as Daniel very well knows. When he first met Alyssa, she fooled him into a false sense of security. His trusting nature made him easy prey for the Gemini. And he's currently being manipulated through Twilight's clever rouse, all because she knows how Daniel hates it when monsters are mistreated for being what they are.

It's easy to see why trust is so scary. By choosing to trust, you are putting yourself at risk. Giving someone your trust may turn out to be a good decision and earn yourself a friend, but some people won't even bother trusting if their fear is what drives them. And that's the key word here: Fear.

As mentioned, the world of Eden is scary. There's so much violence and raping that to trust can be tantamount to suicide. Fear can get the best of people and thus cloud their reason and misguide them into seeing enemies where there could be allies.

So what's the solution? Obviously you shouldn't trust everyone you meet right off the bat. Some caution is necessary. However, to live without trust is to live in fear. You have to, at least, be willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. From there, you must make the decision of what happens next. Is this person a friend or an enemy? Or do you need more time and proof to decide?

Daniel's entire mission is about building trust between others. The peaceful world he dreams of will only be possible if people learn to trust. Trust is what drove Alyssa, Squeak, and all the other monster girls into following Daniel, in hopes that he would one day return their feelings. They put their faith in him because they know he's trustworthy, because he treated them like they were worthy of trust. That's something the world of Eden is lacking in: faith. I'm not talking about faith in a deity; I'm talking about faith in each other.

What's interesting, however, is that Daniel's belief in monsters came from someone who may not be entirely truthful. Kindra saved Daniel's life and he believes her to be a good monster (and she could very well be). However, Kindra's reasons for saving Daniel may be to drive her own goal of summoning Ragnarok and nothing more. Regardless, though, Kindra demonstrated that good can exist in monsters. This drove Daniel's beliefs for his whole life, it made him into who he is. Even if Kindra turns out to be something other than what Daniel thought, Daniel has already proven his beliefs true: in his mates, in his allies, and in himself.

Trust is what drove Daniel to help Eden. Trust is what's needed if Daniel and Daemon are to slay the Gemini. Trust is the only thing that can absolve the world of Eden and usher in a new age, one with less violence and a little more love.

Yes, there will always be those who take advantage of people, like the Dark Queens. The risk will always exist. Always. But you can't let your fear control you. You have to find the strength and the willingness to trust. The key is to give people a chance.

It all starts when you give someone a chance.
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• 2/13/2018
There are many themes in this series, and trust does play a big part in the mix. It really is key when it comes to tolerance and peaceful coexistence with others.
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