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• 2/13/2018

Does Max have a sister complex?

I bet those of you who read the title probably raised an eyebrow, am I right?

In Act X, Lelu showed that she didn't know much about sibling relationships. You see, she asked Max if he ever thought of doing anything sexual with his sisters. He denies this, but remembers several very awkward situations that involved himself and his three siblings, such as being buried in Milly's bosom or staring at Mae's rear.

Now, Max doesn't have romantic interest in his sisters, but there are some things to be curious about. Before I ask the main question, there are some things to take into consideration. Max has grown up at Trixton Pass his whole life. He's hardly ever been anywhere besides the house/shop and thus hasn't made many friends; he even expressed that he was lonely living out in the Outer Lands. Lastly, Max is at the age where he starts "noticing" girls. Having been without friends, the people he sees the most of are his sisters, and they happen to be the only girls he's ever really known before befriending Lelu. Additionally, while at home, Mika, Milly, and Mae often walked around in their underwear, nearly to completely naked, and none of them felt embarrassed being so while in Max's presence.

So, the main question here is: Could Max have subconsciously developed an attraction to his sisters?

I know it's very strange to talk about, but there's something I've noticed that has made this question seem possible.

Max currently has three monster girls for friends: Lelu the centaur, Grace the elf, and Bermuda the Arachne. Now let me ask you . . . is it just me or do they somewhat remind you of the Harollson sisters? Think about it. Lelu and Milly are both blonde and have large bosoms. Grace and Mae are slender and love archery (one is clearly more professional than the other, but still). And Bermuda and Mika are good with magic (or at least Bermuda is capable of powerful spells).

With all of this in mind, is there a chance Max may start seeing his sisters in these three girls? Could there come a time where he accidentally calls Lelu "Milly" or Grace "Mae"?
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• 2/13/2018
If you're insinuating that there's some sort of correlation between the facts that:

-Mika and Bermuda are both the oldest of these sets of girls and can use magic
-Milly and Lelu are both blonde, busty, and aged in the middle of their sets
-Mae and Grace are both petite, able archers, and aged the youngest in their sets

Then I will politely respond with:

-Yeah, that's true, they are like that aren't they? Are they like that on purpose as some sort of reflection of the attractive women Max has had in his life or just by coincidence with no greater importance to it I do wonder not so quietly to myself...
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