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• 2/15/2018

Alright Am I Gonna Need To Get A Tinfoil Hat

As funny as the title seems I am almost serious about the statement. Unless you haven't been paying attention the book series has had a lot of conspiracies in them. Like who the heck is that hooded guy with the reptile girls and why does he want the well or believe that it belongs to him? Where could that demon lord be and what other threats are there in Eden to be weary of? But most importantly why is everyone so interested in Daniel? This one might be the most important question as for most of start of the book series people have doubted Daniel being capable or having any worth. Now we have three Dark Queens who are interested in him who are supposed to be the big bads of the series and I wonder what is it about Daniel that make him so intesting to them. Atleat for Gemini and Twilight its pretty clear one want to kill him while the other wants to eat him for his magic. But why is Aeon so interested in him unless it for a potential lover. The only other thing it could be is that she knows Daniel will succeed in his quest and wants it to happen so that she can take all the leaders out and conquer the continent. Who else is going to be interested in Daniel and will we learn the answers to all these questions I guess we will have to wait until the next book and while we wait I better get some tin foil ready.
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• 2/15/2018
First off, you may want to go easy on the aluminum foil; that stuff's expensive. Also, just because I can't help myself, I must clarify: Aluminum is the nonmagnetic substance that people use to make foil, not tin, which IS magnetic and commonly used to make soup cans.

Second, you are wise to suggest that there's something bigger going on in the background when it comes to our kind-hearted visionary. At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if Seraph has her own plans for Daniel too. Just who IS Daniel, and what are his connections to the Ether and to Eden itself? He may be human, but he's not a normal human in any sense of the word, and not simply because of his fondness for monsters.

I think his mysterious past may hold answers, and I'm starting to wonder if that "ambush" which killed his parents and sister truly was random or something planned.

Lastly, you really think Aeon sees Daniel as a potential mate? Wow, that's bold. Now that I think about it, what does Aeon look for in a mate? She's been imprisoned for centuries, and something tells me Nuci didn't allow her conjugal visits.
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