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• 2/21/2018

What is Flarah?

Title says it all.

For those who read about the sly fox and her mysterious reveal in Act XI you'll remember something she said to Aeon's face that surprised even her. So I offer this discussion post for any wishing to speak about her and those that share similar anomalies.
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• 2/22/2018
Good question. Out of every character, with the possible exception of Seraph, Flarah is something of an enigma.

Not only is she extremely powerful and intelligent, but she's calm even in the face of a Dark Queen. Threats from Twilight and Aeon do nothing to phase her and she takes delight in mocking them like they're immature children. This alone makes her very fun to read. Seriously, watching Flarah mock Aeon after everything the Chronofly did in Act XI was SO SATISFYING. I hope we get to see her roast more Dark Queens in the future. I can already see Aeon's face turning red with indignation. :-)

Speaking of Dark Queens, the fact that she knows about them implies that she knows about Eden's dark past. She knows where they are, who they are, and what they're capable of, especially since she was assigned to watch over the Gemini. I wonder if Flarah is also in contact with Seraph. If not, it begs the question as to whether Seraph can telepathically communicate.

As for what Flarah is, she certainly has the appearance of a kitsune, but perhaps she identifies as something else. In her shock and confusion, Aeon claimed she isn't a kitsune. Did she mean a NORMAL kitsune or did she literally mean she was something OTHER than a kitsune? The secret to finding out more about who this vixen could be seems to lie in the white rings that appear in her irises. These white rings were also shown in the eyes of the two reptile girls who serve Flarah's "master", which brings this next question to light.

Who is Flarah's master? On the outside, he's a hooded man who's very strong and wears a diamond insignia in many places. He seems to be a man of tremendous power and is potentially dangerous in how he throttled Flarah, actually hurting her. He's ordered Flarah to obtain all four pieces of The Well and threatens to "take away" what he gave her if she fails. He says he's done a lot for Flarah and Kindra (the latter who remains unaware). Could this be when Flarah stopped being a normal kitsune? Did this man give Flarah her resistance against Aeon, her ability to see things happening at a far distance? And if so, who was Flarah before she obtained her powers?

If The Well really is the key to ultimate power, something tells me this man could be a threat to all in Eden. Of course, knowing Flarah for the sly woman she is, she has no intention of having any master in the future. In her mind, she belongs to no one.

Like I said, Flarah's an enigma. That much is plain to everyone. As the series goes on, hers will be another mystery that will hopefully be made clear.

For now, she is a calm and calculating fox, plotting her own game against the Dark Queens and possibly the man she calls "master." Let's see if she's as smart as she thinks she is.
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