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• 3/3/2018

So Will Community Husbands Become A Thing?

This discussion has a slight reference to the manga Monster Musume a manga created by Okayado. So in the manga it is revealed that one of the monster girls, I won't give too much details to avoid spoilers, intended to bring a human male home to act as a community husband for all the monster girls. This means that the human male is pretty much married to an entire village where he has to father their children. Now what I am wondering if something similar will happen in Chronicles of Eden. Because as we have seen with our three example with Daniel, Deamon, and Max harems are going to be more common. I mean come on once humans and monster coexist peacefully a lot of individuals are going to have to be willing to share a man. This leads back to the community husbands. Since all monsters are female they really only need one human to make babies. If they make some sort of deal where the human males living expenses or if one of them is willing to house the male it could work because they wouldn't bother with other men. Of course they will still need to find someone to go along with them. But what do you any of you think? Will community husbands become a thing? How would it work?
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• 3/5/2018
It is true that women, both with human and monster, outnumber men very easily in Eden. And as Queen Victoria quizzed Daniel during their encounter in Act I, should monsters and humans unite they will need some form of mutual allowance of the limited men in the world. How exactly that will be arranged remains to be seen, and could vary between monster races.
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