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• 3/5/2018

The Four Harems of Eden

The number four seems to have a special ring in the world of Eden. It was four girls that first started Daniel's official harem, there are four Dark Queens reigning as supreme evils among the monsters in Eden, there are four guardians who watch over these imprisoned, or freed, Queens, and there are four harems planned and hinted at during the series. This discussion post will be regarding the latter.

1. Daniel's Harem. Consisting of thirteen lovely ladies of various monster races this harem was finally completed in Act IX. While fully formed they're not quite whole just yet, with some girls still learning and trying to gain their co-mates' approval so they may finally lay with Daniel and receive his full love. Not only that but during the last two books they've been divided, with some girls either missing or venturing out on a dangerous rescue mission for the elves of Green Haven. The question here I ask the readers is what do they anticipate to happen in the near future? Will all of Daniel's mates return and stay by their man's side? Will the final girls in the harem earn their place with their co-mates? And also, what would happen if they ever lost one of their own?

2. Daemon's Harem. Nearly all gathered but still fragmented, Daemon's harem is a sharp contrast to Daniel's. First, his girls are considerably more dangerous and skilled in the art of combat. Second, their mission isn't to unite monsters and man in the world but rather keep the world still spinning by ensuring the Dark Queens don't destroy it. Third, not all of them have expressed or earned Daemon's favor yet. Tabitha and Scay are still working for Charlotte, Minos has only made her appearance in the series while drawing some dangerous people after her, and Mika certainly hasn't earned Daemon's love yet on top of all her other problems she's dealing with. The question here is simple yet complex. How will these girls all find their fated place as Daemon's official mates? Will they learn to love each other as Daniel's girls do or will they battle to the death to have only one victor? What will be needed for the remaining girls to fall for him and rightfully earn their place as his mates? And most of all, who will Daemon choose to mate with in the end?

3. Max's Harem. If it wasn't obvious by Act XI, this young boy is well on his way to having a harem of his own. He's already made friends with three cute monster girls while a potential fourth is known to live far away in a certain wooded grove. The question for this one is of speculation of the readers. What other girls could be in Max's future to fall for him? Have we seen any of them yet and just didn't know it? How will the current girls around him not only develop true love for him but also handle each other being around him? And also there's the issue of what the girls might do should they ever learn of Mika's secret regarding their precious boy?

4. The Evil Harem. At the end of Act XI a man with two femme fatales was briefly seen, bearing a mysterious power, a hunger for even more in a dangerous and forgotten relic, and two reptile girls who appeared completely under his command. As some may have guessed this is the start of another harem being introduced into the series, only instead of being heroes, anti-heroes, or innocent youngsters, this one is, plainly put, the evil harem in the series. Their names remain a mystery, the other members are waiting for their time to make themselves known, and most of all is each of these unique and violent vixens have a power that is nearly beyond compare to most. The questions for this section are as expected. Who and what is that man? What other monsters are under his command? What secrets do they hold? What are they truly after? Where could the other girls of his be lying in wait? And also, where does Flarah fit in with them?
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• 3/6/2018
Wow, that is a lot of questions for one discussions. I shall do my best to answer them as follows by the number they were titled.

1: Daniel's Harem: I can expect the girls will all come to love each other eventually. They clearly care about one another and will continue to work together to make the peaceful world they and Daniel wish to live in.

If they ever lost any of their members, it would, no doubt, be a massive tragedy. However, knowing the spirit of their family, they'll keep on going, not only for themselves but for their lost member. Zoey didn't want Clover to give on life; surely Clover and the other girls wouldn't want that for anyone else.

And I'm still curious as to how Daniel and Cindy could mate. I'm not sure if sand wraiths can feel pleasure in the same way other women can.

2. Daemon's Harem: Who knows what will happen here? It could be a "may the best mate win" or they could find a way to make it work — though, as you mentioned, this will take some time to do. Tabitha and Scay are working for gold, Minos has yet to enter the picture, and Mika's probably going to be more interested in redeeming herself for the time being — she'll want to make amends for her sins before she even considers the idea of romance. Given everything that's happened, being Daemon's mate is probably the farthest thing from her mind.

3. Max's Harem: I believe that, once Grace learns to let her anger go, she and the other girls will get along. Whether they'll be up to sharing Max is for a later debate, but I think it can work.

Complica will no doubt make for a lovely addition. And as for other monsters, who knows? Maybe Valentina?

As for the little issue with Mika. . . . Besides Max being shocked to discover the truth, Lelu and the other will probably be protective of their beloved boy. Grace may even try to murder Mika and Lelu will never let her come near Max, even at the cost of her life. Additionally, they'll try and comfort him anyway they can, even more so when the truth of Milly and Mae comes out. Max is going to need his girls for the rough times ahead; I just hope he doesn't fall into despair.

As for Mika, I hope she and Max at least talk. Perhaps, in seeing her brother with all these girls, she'll see that he's in the right hands and is now starting to live his own life. She'll see that he's okay, that he's found girls who are worthy of his love, and that she can live knowing he'll be happy with them.

Personally, I hope Mika finds her redemption. Where she'll find it and what she'll have to do for it is anyone's guess. Telling Max the truth, though, would be a good start. In the very least it should greatly annoy Aeon (and that ALWAYS a good thing).

4. The Evil Harem: Love isn't always beauty, or even based around love for that matter. In addition to the Dark Queens, it sounds like this man is out to become a Dark King. Needless to say, he's not to be trusted with The Well. As for what he wants in the end, who knows? Really, not even Aeon knows (and that's saying something!).

In addition, reptile girls become subservient to men if they conquer them in battle. It may be that their "love" for their master is forced rather than honest and developed.

Flarah clearly has plans of her own and may just see her "master" as another cog in the machine, though how she'll escape that servitude is unknown.

So much love and potential love; it's enough to make your head spin. No doubt we can also count on plenty of action, mystery, suspense, and drama to level things out.
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