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• 3/8/2018

Apoch & Astreal's loyalty

The witch sisters, Apoch and Astreal, are quite a curious pair. They're reasonably powerful witches, being born from Twilight the Reaper's own raw power. They serve the duty of Charlotte in Rystone, both as advisors and her most trustworthy assistants — which they are VERY happy to do ;) . They even bare a slight resemblance to Jovian & Jacqueline the Gemini, from hair to synchronized speech (but thankfully stop at personality).

Now, there's a question I have is in concern to Apoch's and Astreal's fate — most particularly in whose side they'll choose in the end.

As we all know, Apoch and Astreal are Twilight's secret servants. They spy for her, collect prey for her insatiable appetite, and lie to Daniel Sorres who unknowingly trusts both the witches and the Reaper. In truth, however, Apoch and Astreal feel no true loyalty towards Twilight, both for her cruelty and because they secretly love Charlotte. In fact, the two hate their mistress and want her out of their lives. They stated this aloud in the books.

Their actions and words make it kind of hard to tell who's side Apoch and Astreal are on.

While both witches played a part in killing poor Cilia, they did so out of fear for Charlotte's life. It was either bring Twilight the fairy or deliver her the alpha witch whom Apoch and her sister share a burning passion. For them, there was only one real choice. Still, while they were only following orders, they allowed a poor girl to die horribly. This action will most definitely be discovered in the future.

On the other hand, it can't be denied that Apoch and Astreal have assisted Daniel and the girls, even while at their mistress' orders. They helped Daniel overcome his hesitation, transported them all to Ruhelia, and they now seem more on board with Daniel's mission (though this last part could just be them acting the part). I honestly think Apoch and Astreal are starting to view Daniel as a friend. Daniel himself certainly sees the witches as friends, which will probably make their possible betrayal all the more painful for him. After all . . . nobody likes to be used.

So, here's the million dollar question: in the end, where will the witch sisters place their loyalty? Hopefully not in their evil mistress. Once Twilight is free — and she IS going to be freed — she'll no longer have any further use of Apoch and Astreal, not when she can go and terrorize the world on her own.

Knowing the two sisters, they'll want to keep Charlotte and their dear witches safe. I also hope they'll come to see Daniel as a friend and ally and what his life to be spared. They could probably learn from him that we're all free to choose our own path in life. We don't have to be what society deems us to be. We don't have to be used as tools for someone else's schemes. We can choose to live life how we wish, if only we possess the courage.

Feel free to discuss your ideas and opinions. In the end, who will Apoch and Astreal side with? The Dark Queen of magic, or Miss Charlotte and the people who have become their friends?
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• 3/8/2018
The reason for their resemblance stems from their origin as characters in my first major writing piece, a fanfiction I wrote for Rosario+Vampire. In it Apoch and Astreal are twin witch sisters, much like they are in this story except having fully developed teenage bodies. In the fanfiction Jovian and Jacqueline are created as evil copies of the sisters, which is why apart from their eyes they look exactly like the witch sisters. When the characters were brought into Chronicles of Eden they changed slightly to fit the world and their roles, but they still do resemble their original versions from the fanfiction and also nearly mirror one another.

Regarding their fate and future allegiance that I can't say here, though I will give this much: expect the unexpected, for their fate is certainly a twist :)
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