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• 3/9/2018

Mika and Maelstrom

From what's been demonstrated so far, Mika Harollson is an extremely powerful spell caster. Her skills even rival that of witches. The most prominent spell we've seen her use in combat is a destructive area ranged attack called maelstrom.

But this invokes a question. Where and how did Mika learn to use maelstrom?

When it comes to fantasy stories with magic, practice is usually the key to mastering sorceries. And Mika, like her sisters, must've trained for years in perfecting their fighting skills in order to hunt monsters. They made quite the reputation for themselves, so we know they definitely have the skills to show for it. You can only imagine how much work Mika poured into developing her magical abilities, all to protect innocent people and keep her beloved brother, Max, safe from harm.

However, there's something rather curious about maelstrom. According to the Blackwell witches in Act X, right before they were annihilated by the very magic in question, maelstrom is a spell that ONLY the most powerful alpha witches can perform. If that's the case, where and how did Mika learn to use this rare and destructive magic?

A possible answer could be that Mika simply came across the spell one day and just practiced until she mastered it. Practice makes perfect after all — that is unless the magic in question is something that practice alone won't teach.

Or, perhaps Mika could have learned about maelstrom from one of the monsters she hunted. Given her kill count, Mika's probably slayed quite a few witches in her time, especially when she can cancel out their magic with her counter spell ability.

Wherever she learned maelstrom from is one thing. But perhaps the more important question is, "what did Mika have to do in order to use maelstrom effectively?" This is clearly anything but a normal spell, one that requires abnormally strong skill and concentration; Mika herself has only ever used it in dire situations and last resorts. And, even though Mika is very clearly a gifted sorceress, is there some magic that's beyond her normal reach? Were there some requirements in order to use maelstrom? And if so, would there be any lingering side effects? Would there be any lasting consequences in possessing such a spell?

Magic can be learned, it can be inherited, and, in some rare cases, it came be given or stolen. So in Mika's case, which was it? And how does having such power effect her personally?
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• 3/10/2018
Mika's use of Maelstrom will indeed play a big part for her story. Something that dangerous and powerful would of course attract the attention of other dangerous and powerful beings ;)
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