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• 3/12/2018

Act XII's Upcoming Battles

This discussion post is regarding the next book in the series and its roster of fights that are set to happen. Some minor spoilers if you haven't read up to Act XI.

For those who have seen my posts on social media and website about me getting back to work with writing the next book, among other projects as well, you'll have noticed that a list of fights involving several characters are teased in the upcoming Act. These fights are going to happen right away at the start of the next book as Green Haven is thrown into utter chaos in more ways than one. This post is for discussing and speculating how these fights will go and what everyone hopes or fears to see happen.

1. First is, of course, Daniel vs The Gemini. He's going to be fighting both Jovian and Jacqueline in the next book all on his own. His heart's in the right place, but is his head also? He's certainly armed and ready to fight, and Aeon has put in effort to make sure this happens, so what WILL happen is the question here. Will Daniel even be able to put a scratch on them? How will the Gemini handle this new and daring version of Daniel? And how will this conflict end?

2. Clover vs Sivil. Oh yes, this is going to happen. And expect more than just sharp words to be shot between them. These elves will not see to eye, that's a given, and arrows are going to be drawn as their forest is lit aflame around them. Who will prevail? How will the elves of Green Haven react to seeing them fight? Who is the best archer between them?

3. Squeak vs Rio. Yes, this is set to happen as The Sisterhood becomes involved in the battle. The infamous scorpia from Act X returns to the story and faces off against the silent vixen of Daniel's harem. One is strong and ready to step up as a protector of those around her, the other is quick and deadly with a taste for making others suffer. How will this match-up turn out in the end? Will Squeak suffer the same fate as Mae Harollson? Or will Rio be shown some real shock and awe?

4. Cindy vs Alice. That's right, the wicked witch who smashed Milly's head in is coming face to face with the innocent and resilient sand wraith of Daniel's family. This battle has lots of possibilities and potential for both a good and bad outcome for either of these girls. How will Cindy fare against her first real fight with a deadly foe? What manner of pain and suffering could Alice unleash upon her and the elves nearby? It's do or die for these two ladies, who's going to walk away in the end?

5. Daemon vs Nuci. It's going to be guardian versus guardian as the keeper of the Reaper squares off against the corrupted keeper of the Chronofly. Now granted, Daemon has his followers by his side and some of the red ant girls who weren't blown to bits by the dangerous alurane, but expect this battle to really heat up as the two guardians show more of their real power. Who will come out on top in this fight? Will Daemon reveal more of what he truly is inside? Will Nuci claim any more lives for her new queen? And most of all, what did Nuci mean by her last line in the latest book?

6. The elves of Green Haven vs The Sisterhood and Sivil's followers. Yes, it's going to be a civil war of sorts as lines are drawn between the residents of Green Haven. There are elves who despise The Sisterhood, there are elves who have allied themselves with the dangerous fiends. Needless to say not all the elves are going to be escaping the chaos in the next book. How will this end for them? How are they going to not only handle their community facing off against each other but also the eventual aftermath when the dust settles? Is there still a chance for saving the elves with good souls in them or is Daniel's plan going up in flames?

Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, hopes, fears, and anything else relevant to this discussion. And get ready, because the next book is not only starting off with a bang, it's starting off with several all at once. And that's just how it begins.
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• 3/12/2018
There's nothing like a little pre-book discussion. The first chapters of this book are going to be intense. One battle after another or all of them happening at once? Besides Aeon, who knows?

Anyway, as for the fights themselves, it's something to look forward to.

First, Daniel vs. the Gemini. There's no doubt Daniel is determined to stop the evil sisters and make them pay for their despicable crimes. But I fear he may be in over his head. There's a saying that anger makes you stupid, and right now Daniel is VERY angry: for what Jovian & Jacqueline have done to Celine, for murdering Kroanette's mother, for going out of their way to kill countless innocents just so they could get revenge on him. He's going to unleash as much hell as he can upon this dark creature. I have little doubt Jovian & Jacqueline will be surprised to see this new side of Daniel, but will they actually be scared? How long will Daniel be able to keep them at bay?

And what is that mysterious surprise Aeon and Flarah are expecting? Will it help Daniel fight the Dark Queen of Anarchy? Only the Archlight's Blade and the Hellfire's Edge can kill the Gemini . . . but can anything HURT them? Will Jovian & Jacqueline, after so many years of arrogance, feel their first taste of actual pain?

Next, Clover vs. Sivil. An honorable elf vs. a traitorous elf. I have little doubt that both are excellent archers, but, as Celine said herself, Clover is "a perfect shot". Plus, unlike Sivil, Clover has a family and a dream worth living for. Still, Sivil isn't going to go down without a fight. Expect there to be more arrows in that forest than trees after these two are finished. And in the end, will one elf leave alive, or will one swear vengeance for a second time?

Squeak vs. Rio. This scorpia made my blood boil for the way she killed Mae, just so she could make Mika suffer. So let's see if Squeak can teach her a lesson. Squeak definitely has the upper-hand in strength, but Rio is incredibly agile and has great reflexes, plus there's that venom in her stinger. I hope our beloved ant girl is careful, or else we may see a repeat of what happened in "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" (there was an ant and scorpion there too).

But let's not be pessimistic. I believe Squeak has a chance against Rio. She just has to be careful. Perhaps Squeak can use her surroundings to her advantage. Seeing as the forest will be on fire, she and Rio will have to think on their feet. One wrong move can get them stuck between a rock and a very hot place.

But that fact may be more dire for Squeak's companion.

Cindy vs. Alice. Again, I felt angry at the way poor Milly was killed. She didn't stand a chance as Alice just pummeled her to death while laughing. Let's see if this Blackwell witch gets a taste of Karma. Or better yet, TASTED by Karma.

Now, I know I said not to be pessimistic before, but there's much more to worry about here. Squeak has battled with others before, but Cindy has never been in a real fight and so she'll have to learn fast. Thankfully, Alice won't be able to beat her to death like she did to Milly, but as soon as she finds out Cindy is a sandwraith, she'll have a lot more cruel options. With the whole of Green Haven on fire, Cindy will have to master her fear in order to beat Alice down — that or just eat her focuser.

As Daniel taught Cindy right before they separated, there'll be times to fight in order to protect your loved ones and others. Cindy will learn that with this fight.

I'll expect Alice to do whatever it takes to win, even threaten children. We both know Cindy loves children and hates seeing them suffer, and Alice could use that to her advantage. But knowing Cindy, she'll make it through in order to see Daniel again. And besides, Alice must be careful too. You see, sandwraiths aren't the only creatures who are weak to fire.

And let's not forget: Daniel, Clover, Squeak, Alyssa, Pip, and Cindy are a family. If someone messes with their loved ones, they'll do everything they can to help.

Daemon vs. Nuci. Again, Daemon will have his girls and a few ant girls to assist him, but Nuci's powers are still there, even after her mind's been broken. Given so many fighters, the battle could go anywhere. As for what Nuci said . . . "You'd be surprised what your fate would have been otherwise."

Besides Aeon, who knows what this means? There could be someone waiting for them down the tracks. Or perhaps they would've died in Green Haven. In the meantime, Daemon and his companions have their hands full. They'll have to focus on the main threat, at least for the time being.

Lastly, the elves. A civil war, danger left and right, their entire forest burning down — there's no end to their troubles in sight. But perhaps there's hope for a resolution. That will depend on the outcome of this huge battle, as well as whether they will listen to reason or allow their anger and volatile nature to get the better of them.

Let's see where this all goes. . . .
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