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• 3/23/2018

Seraph's Secret Location

Perhaps this is because of another discussion post I read, but I keep thinking about Seraph the Tyrant.

As of yet, she's only been mentioned vaguely by Kindra at the end Act X. We still don't know who Seraph is, what she looks like, or, most important of all, WHERE she is.

This raises a question. A very disturbing, very important, very vexing question:

Is Seraph still locked away in her City of Eden? And if not, then where is she?

The reason I ask this question isn't just because Mr. Gordon hinted at it in the past, but more particularly because of a statement made by Daemon Warrick.

As a guardian to one of the four Dark Queens of Eden, Daemon also knows where the other evil queens are imprisoned. However, in Act X, he made a very interesting statement. He revealed that he wasn't sure whether or not Jovian & Jacqueline were, indeed, the Gemini. Although it's been confirmed that they ARE a Dark Queen, as demonstrated through their abilities time and again, Daemon and Nuci both believed the Gemini were still locked away in their city.

This is extremely enlightening, because it suggests that, though Daemon knows where the Gemini are, he may have never visited the Gemini in person.

If so, then it stands to reason that Daemon may also have never visited the Tyrant's holding cell. Then again, why would he when his charge is Twilight the Reaper? And if this is all true, then how do we know whether or not Seraph is still imprisoned? Or more particularly, whether she was EVER imprisoned at all?

What if Seraph is already out and she's managed to keep it a secret for all these years?

In truth, I have a hypothesis of who and where Seraph secretly is. But it's only an idea. What are your thoughts?
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• 3/23/2018
The last chapter of the latest book holds a clue regarding the final Dark Queen ;)
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