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• 3/25/2018

The Virtues That Make Daniel a Knight

As most readers know Daniel has been called a knight on occasion by his mates. When one thinks of a knight the image is usually a person who follows a code of chivalry while adhering to a specific set of virtues. So I decide to put some thought into what virtues make Daniel a knight and came to The Witcher series where at one point it mentions something called "the five chivalric virtues" that not only show Daniel to be a knight, but it pretty much describes his whole character in the series. Here I will list each virtue with a description of what they mean and how they relate to Daniel.

1. Valor: "Those who possess valor do not hesitate to stand against the majority, no matter what the consequences." This is most commonly called courage or bravery in some circles. For Daniel his whole quest requires that he not only steps out into a dangerous world to find potential allies but the fact is that he knows some humans would be hostile towards him for preaching such beliefs and is willing to venture out on his own regardless of what others would say about him. If this doesn't make someone brave than I don't know what does.

2. Compassion: "Compassion is what separates men from beasts. Whoever feels sympathy for his fellows man will never turn a blind eye to misfortune. He will instead always stand in defense of the wronged." As we have seen time and again Daniel has always helped others who where in needs of help whether it was the formally deceitful Falla, the abrasive Clover, or the Gemini (before he found out what they really are) Daniel never stood by while other suffered but instead helped them.

3. Wisdom: "Wisdom is a virtue which one should strive to cultivate throughout one's life, for it impossible to be so wise one cannot become even wiser. The wise know this... As we journey through life, we should seek to make wise choices. Remember, wise choices are not those which make our lives easier or simpler. Often, they make them more complicated. But always they make us better." For Daniel he gained some wisdom when he saw that not all monsters where bad and eventually set out to learn as much as he could about which ones could be trusted and which could not by actually meeting them. Like with most who are wise Daniel's thought are guided by reason and not baseless fear and what others say about monsters.

4. Honor: "Honor cannot be purchased. Honor also cannot be sold, for its value is greater than all the treasure in the world. Yet one can lose it, and whoever does so shall have sullied his name for all eternity. A truly honorable man always stands behind his actions, faces every challenge and refuses to lie." In Daniel case he does not hide what he believes, is honest about what others need to hear, and as he proves to Charlotte stands by what he believes when he took the girls who would make up his harem as his mates and loved them with all his heart.

5. Generosity: "No man can be called good who does not share his prosperity with others. Generosity is required for dignity in life and peace in death." For Daniel he shares his home with those who have nowhere to go like Star or Rolian. While other would turn them away he gives them a place they could feel safe without expecting anything in return.

Here they are the virtues that make Daniel a true Knight of Eden. While some may have different virtues in mind I believe that the five hear sum him up the best. One final thought I have is that whether Daniel will be able to create a full suite of armor with his synergy ability to complete they look.
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• 3/26/2018
Very well said all throughout. Daniel has indeed proved himself to be worthy of being a knight, worthy of his mates and their love, and worthy of respect for what he stands for.

I will say this much, in regards to your last comment. His sword came to be first formed from having monster energy from at least five of his mates nearby. A shield was able to be created in addition to that from having eight of his mates' love nearby. Granted, the power of his girls' love for him has increased so the needed number of mates nearby may have lessened, but it still shows the more he has the more he can potentially create. Five girls and their love haven't been added to the spell's power yet, so there could still be something more awaiting Daniel and his 'look'.

The next book will introduce something else along these lines, both in stark contrast to what he normally does and in addition to what he can do ;)
• 3/26/2018
What a wonderful discussion.

You provided excellent qualities that makes Daniel a knight as well as describe his character so well. Bravery, kindness, wisdom, honor, and charity. That's Daniel Sorres. He's come a long way from being the shy, lonely man he was in Edgewood. And he's still got so much more to experience. It's going to make reading "Chronicles of Eden" that much more fun!
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