The Theme of Friendship

Friendship is one of the most common themes in all of fiction and nonfiction. It's easy to see why. The process and sometimes challenge of making friends never gets old because each friendship has its own merits and makes for good stories. It could result from beliefs, location, conflict, things in common, or crazy and unexpected circumstances. "Chronicles of Eden" does just that. In particular, it focuses on what having friends can do for each other.

If it weren't for Triska, Daniel would've gotten raped on the very first day of his journey. In addition, she was the only one who believed in him and his beliefs as they grew up. I'm sure Daniel was very thankful having her in his life; it would've been very lonely otherwise.

Speaking of which, friendship can save people from solitude. It saved Pip when she wandered Eden. Before meeting Daniel and the girls, she was sad and without any breasts to love. Same for Cilia before she found Doku.

A friend can be there to comfort you when you lose someone close. Lelu was broken and crying after losing her mother, and Max's kind heart reached out to her. His reward was not only a friend to cure HIS loneliness, but a girl who genuinely loves him and a better understanding of monsters.

Even if you don't seem to like each other at first, friendship can still form. Just look at any girl in Daemon's harem. Sure, they all desire Daemon as rivals, but they've warmed up to each other. Perhaps this can't be said in terms of Forrus and Tabitha (yet), but they're at least learning to tolerate one another, or TRY anyway. . .

Having a friend can even save you when you lose all hope and fall into despair. In Mika Harollson' case, she's lost her sisters, she's made horrible mistakes, and she's alone with no friends, no family, and she holds no hope for redemption or ever finding a shred of happiness in her shattered life. She's more or less dead inside: a broken soul and an empty heart. For her to find even one friend will be a blessing after all her poor choices. I don't know who will reach out their hand to her, but if Mika's to climb out of the hell she's made for herself, if she's to find her redemption, I pray someone lends her a hand or guides her. Perhaps then she can learn to be the person she needs to be, both for herself, for Eden, and for Max.

A friend can heal your heart, keep you company, be someone to talk to, pull you up when you've fallen hard, and become someone as close as family. In fact, friends are just as good as family. Some say friendship is the purest form of love because it can include anybody and be shared by many.

If nothing else, they can be there to tell you this beautiful message: You are not alone.