The Ancients are a group of superpowerful beings who serve as villains in the series along with the Dark Queens. Those of this faction are considered unique monsters, most of which display white rings in their eyes from time to time. Their crest is an irregularly shaped white diamond insignia that's broken into segments. Known members are:

  • A hooded man who leads the group as their Master, known as Lazarus
  • Wrath (reptile girl)
  • Mayhem (reptile girl)
  • Calamity (ant girl)
  • Cataclysm (centaur)
  • Ruin (nixie)
  • Harrow (harpy)
  • Torment (succubus)
  • Scorn (manticore)
  • Ravage (dragon)
  • Flarah (loyalty is questioned)

They are the fourth harem in the series and are considered "The Evil Harem." Their goal is to seize control of The Well and use its infinite power to become gods, and very possibly conquer Eden.


Ancient Magic: The Ancients are in a league all their own when it comes to magic. Whether its spells, attacks, or enhancing their own physical strength or weapons, the Ancients are overpowered in their skills and it lends to their combat abilities in frightening ways.

However, according to Twilight, the magical ether of Eden seems to pass straight through the Ancients. In other words, whatever magic they're using, it's NOT connected with the ether.

Their True Selves

Despite each member having a distinct physical appearance, like a centaur, ant girl, and succubus, these forms seem to be mere disguises or illusions. When Twilight and Aeon tried to view them, either through magic or the time stream, the two Dark Queens saw something most unusual. To Twilight, she saw Calamity as an indistinguishable shape, a creature who's life-force is foreign and blurred. To Aeon, she viewed Cataclysm as "empty space." Neither Dark Queen could tell what they were seeing, and this lack of knowledge angered them.

It's unclear if the Ancients actually have any life force, as according to Twilight they're almost nonexistent. There's definitely something there, but it seems that these monster girls are more artificial than organic — magical beings who exist without a timeline or real presence in Eden. However, whatever they're bodies are, their personalities and minds are certainly real, and very cruel and violent.


Perhaps it's due to their immense power, perhaps it's out of adoration for their master, or maybe it's anger for the current state of Eden, but as seen thus far, the Ancients are very arrogant and ruthless. Despite their differences in personality, they all view themselves at superior lifeforms and that everyone else — human, monster, and otherwise — is worthless. Cataclysm's own words to Daemon and his girls were "you are nothing."

What's more, they seem to be on the same level of evil as the Dark Queens, perhaps even more so. They possess no trace of a conscience and are more than happy — quite literally — to kill those who stand in their way. Calamity killed two trusting friends simply because they found her talking to Torment. Cataclysm killed Vale simply because she was there. Ruin brutally maimed and murdered a minotaur who fought to bring the horrible nixie down.

They don't even seem to hold any feelings for each other. They are all competing for Lazarus' affection and view themselves not as a family but bitter rivals, and want their master's so-called love all for themselves.

Whether such love exists in Lazarus is currently unknown.


  • The Ancients are among the oldest characters in the series, outmatching the Dark Queens by exactly 1 year.
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