Arixis is a succubus of low intelligence and great physical power. She and her fellow demon of lust Kryelle both serve the beelzebub Leanna who has granted them demonic blessings to amplify their already tremendous powers.


Arixis has very little clothing on her voluptuous body, wearing knee-high black boots, black panties, a thin black strap that crosses over her breasts and around her neck, a black band on her left arm, and a dark glove on her right hand that goes up past her elbow. Her long red hair is held up in a black ribbon with frilly white lace while her eyes are colored purple. On the left side of her belly just above her hip is a demonic insignia with three sharp looking markers set in a triangle formation. She has a long black tail with a pointed end, and her demonic wings appear to be larger than most succubi have.


Arixis is best described as a simpleminded vixen who loves causing pain onto others. She's very blunt and crude with her speech while often failing to understand larger words altogether. What she lacks in brains however she more than makes up for with strength. It's been shown that she's extremely strong, the biggest example of this is during her introduction chapter when she completely incapacitates Kitten in a matter of three hits that were too quick to be seen properly or dodged.

Her overwhelming strength is connected to the demonic blessing she received when submitting to a demon lord, also known as a beelzebub. The tattooed insignia on her abdomen is the demonic symbol for pain, something that's amplified her desires to harm others, while at the same time increasing her own resistance to being injured. It's mentioned that with every bit of pain she inflicts, the more her own strength grows, rapidly increasing the threat she already poses to any she engages in combat with.

On top of her physical prowess she is able to use magic, however the only instance so far that has been seen is her ability to manifest a double-sided energy lance of fiery light. Being a succubus she naturally has very strong charming magic at her disposal, though given her personality she's far more likely to be seen torturing and raping others rather than hexing them into loving her.

Despite being bitter and cold to everyone around her, Arixis has shown undying loyalty and respect for her queen and Kryelle, her companion who has shown to be able to stop Arixis, even when she's consumed with wrath and bloodlust, with mere words. She also becomes very jealous of anyone who can take Kryelle's attention away from her, seeming to become very flustered and timid from her partner's playful teasing while always doing as she says.


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