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Ant girl nests and behavior can be identified by the color of their outfits.

  • Blue - Typically gentle and timid. Very few fighters are raised while nest upkeep and digging is prioritized. Caution still recommended as they will attempt to abduct men they come into contact with.
  • Red - Aggressive and dangerous. Skilled in hand-to-hand combat and weapon usage. Raised to encourage fighting within the nest to promote bravery and eagerness to confront danger. Will only capture physically impressive men for breeding use. Red ant girls specialize in using explosive bombrocks with their digging and fighting, extreme caution recommended when approaching.
  • Black - Scavengers. Will often raid human and monster settlements, ambush travelers, and excavate buried ruins for any valuables to sell and trade with. Known to live outside of their nests and among other monster communities. Not as aggressive as Red ant girls, but still just as dangerous.
  • Green - Extremely dangerous, avoid at all costs. Their pheromones can switch between a normal lust-inducing musk to a deadly poison cloud to attack with. The men they capture are given special tonics so they can breathe in their toxin-filled tunnels. Rescue for them is nearly impossible and not recommended to attempt.
  • White - No credible information available. Only rumored to exist. Said to be capable of using magic, limits unknown.

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