In the world of Eden monsters come in many different forms and classes. They all have the appearance of human females in some shape or form, and some even speak the language of man. However the similarities between man and monster didn’t always stop there. Some types of monsters wore clothing or armor, and even used weaponry similar to humans. Swords, bows and arrows, and even shields sometimes - certain monsters used either crudely made or expertly crafted weapons of war. And of course there were those that used magical spells and arcane rituals that granted them otherworldly powers. Either by using their magic to charm and control their prey or casting destructive spells to wound or kill their enemies, magical wielding monsters were among the more dangerous ones that roamed the lands.
After all, no shield in the world can defend you from them.
~Chronicles of Eden - Act II, Ch.3
Everyone in the world of Eden, both human and monster, is capable of using magic. Magic is performed by drawing power from the Ether that flows unseen through the world and molding it into spells and enchantments with willpower and mental fortitude. This power that is drawn is the very same that naturally resides within all monsters of the world, hence being often dubbed as "Monster Energy"; it's a form of energy that all monsters, whether they learn to use magic or not, possess within themselves.

Humans however have no monster energy flowing in them because, unsurprisingly, they're human. They can still learn to draw power from the Ether by tapping into it with their will and proper concentration, though this is usually quite difficult to achieve for most. As Alyssa mentioned in the first chapter of Act V:

“It’s not something I can really describe in words... You’re trying to tap into the magical ether that flows through Eden, humans can’t normally do that, it’s not natural for them. A magical monster such as myself is already tuned to the ether to a degree, and with a focuser crystal a witch can use magic. For humans it’s not a matter if they have a focuser, it’s a matter if their spirit can connect to the magical ether on its own.”

Humans naturally have almost no connection to the Ether. Certain monsters can use magic more easily than most, either by having a relic to amplify their power or just naturally as they are. Humans however need practice, patience, and hard work to hopefully be able to use the craft; such is the luck of the draw for their race.

Should anyone, human or monster, manage to tap into the Ether and grasp the power that lies just beyond their sight, the next step is of course learning to control it properly. By focusing their minds and willpower they can shape the magic to do what they want, and by learning techniques how to tether the powers of the Ether they summon into specific incantations with proper structure (those spellbases that often show up in flashy and colorful arrays), they are able to cast more complex and powerful spells. Of course, even if they learn how to do that, there's still another factor to consider.

Strength. Not physical strength, and not mental either. Strength of the soul, the very core of their being that channels the Ether into them for use and acts as the conduit to keep the power flowing into their spell. The word "Reserves" has popped up time and again in the story, referring to how much magic someone can use before they tire. This is essentially the limits of their spirit when it comes to channeling magic, their spiritual endurance if you will. It comes from training and performing harder, more elaborate, spells over time. Pretty much like working out the muscles of your body. The more you train them, the stronger they get. This also ties into what happens if someone exhausts all their reserves. As Alyssa explained early in the series, if someone uses up all their reserves they could seriously hurt themselves or even die. Essentially, it's like working the spirit inside them to death from the strain.

There are many different spells and enchantments seen throughout the story. Categories for both basic and complex spells will be posted on this page for further detail and study.

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