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Very little has been spoken about the origin of these otherworldly creatures. What has been noted by human scholars and historians by way of narration is only that these various forms of monsters have inhabited the world of Eden for as long as mankind has existed. It's unknown if they or humans came first, how they came to be, or why they're all exclusively female. Further exploration of this topic will hopefully be covered in future volumes of the series.

Sentient and Feral Types

There are two types of monsters that roam Eden. Feral monsters are those that lack any real intelligence, with their behavior running closer to wild animals. For them, they usually only think about breeding, eating, and sleeping. Sentient monsters, however, run closer to humans in terms of brainpower. They are capable of forming communities, speaking, trading, learning, and even wear clothing and wield weapons.

The Need to Breed

It's a constant fact that comes up in the story, and that's a monster's inner nature which compels them to breed. Being all females, they naturally seek out males of mankind in order to acquire a man's "seed" and reproduce, and this is a primary driving force in all monsters, both feral and sentient. It's more than just a monster's personal decision to chase after a human man, the urge to do so is literally embedded in their subconsciousness as a deeply rooted instinct. The most prominent example of this is during S1.Act1 when Alyssa is nearly overpowered by her inner nature to rape Daniel for his seed. Even though she made the conscious decision not to act badly with him, her inner nature threatened to take over her body and actions in order to gain what it deemed necessary for her race's survival. It was only with sheer willpower and Daniel's faith in her that Alyssa was able to fight off her inner nature and regain control of herself.

It's been shown that the longer a monster is starved for a man's seed, the more intense their inner nature gets. In S1.Act10, Clover and the girls talk about their experiences growing up with their inner nature. When a young monster comes of age, typically when reaching puberty, their inner nature ignites for the first time. Before, they were able to live normal lives without anything driving them, but afterwards they are thrown into a constant state of heat as their bodies become starved for a man's seed. For monsters not yet used to how their inner nature is, this process is almost always unbearable and excruciating as they're never allowed rest from their relentless urges. Clover even remarks that she contemplated suicide at one point because of how terrible it was. Luna & Falla remark how they often cried themselves to sleep every night during their younger years.

The need to breed never goes away, even after a monster mates with a human. The calling subsides briefly and is less stressful for the monster after they've just done the deed, but shortly after it comes back in full force. The urge to breed and have sex is so great that, if given the chance, many monsters would gladly and eagerly opt to simply having sex nonstop with a man for as long as they can, most of the time without the man's consent or health in mind, as that's the only time they feel free from the burden of their sex drive. Even monsters who show remarkable self-control and don't appear to be horny at all are actually suffering inside, albeit quietly, and are only able to show a peaceful face after years of practice with handling their never-ending lust that they keep bottled inside.

Differences With Breeding

Even though all monsters are female, they don't all reproduce in the same manner nor go about it the same way. Most breed in the conventional sense: mating with a man and acquiring his seed to make a baby with, just like human females do. However there are some monsters that don't follow that process and instead have their own ways of reproducing.

Succubi don't get pregnant with a man's seed at all. They can sap the lifeforce from a man and replenish their strength from it, but otherwise men aren't a necessity for them. Instead, they breed by stealing away women and infusing them with the dark magics of the ether to convert them into another succubus.

Fairies aren't able to get pregnant with a man's seed either. Instead, they absorb love from a woman, and after getting enough they are able to magically split into two.

Methods of Breeding

  • Forceful Rape - The most common method used by monsters to breed. Some monsters will only use a man for their seed and let them go afterwards. Others may steal the man away to keep as a personal breeder. And some will simply rape the man until he dies of exhaustion.
  • Allure - Even though monsters are considered evil creatures in Eden, there's no fighting the fact that some of them look beautiful and enticing all the same. Some monsters don't have to resort to force to get a man's seed, instead they use their physical appearance and womanly wiles to coax a man into mating with them. Whether or not they'll remain peaceful after they get a man in their grasp depends on the monster.
  • Hexing/Poison - Either by magic, pheromones, or narcotics, some monsters will take away a man's free will and turn them into an eager mate to have sex with. Whether or not the man will be okay afterwards is up to the monster in question.
  • Converting - There are monsters that don't need a man's seed to breed, or sometimes even a man for that matter. Or even a human. There exist types of monsters that breed by converting their victims into more of their own species.
  • Devouring - Some monsters reproduce by splitting into two, and in order to get enough energy to do so they literally devour others around them for food. Whether they're feral or sentient, if this is how they breed then usually eating is higher on their priorities than sex is.
  • Souls - Some monsters, most of which are usually the undead types, don't care for a man's seed at all. Instead they want to devour souls, and not just from humans either. There are monsters that literally feed off the souls of others until they grow strong enough to split into two. Needless to say, most of these monsters are quite malicious.
  • Chaos - Very few monsters thrive on something other than a man's seed or the soul of a living being, but there does exist such creatures in Eden. For them, they engorge themselves on the negative emotions in the air. War, suffering, death, despair, fear; all these give the monster their energy that they live off of and breed with, and the more there is around them the bigger the feast shall be.

Monster Classes

Listed below are categories for each known Monster Class in the story so far. Although each class is specific, there can exist varieties of monsters of the same Monster Class, with each sub-class being further detailed under the parent category.

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