Monster Class: Succubus. One of the legendary Darker Ones of Eden. A demon from hell itself, it possesses great strength and the ability to wield the dark magics of the netherworld. They're rarely encountered, however great caution must be exercised when they are seen. They have the power to charm and bewitch men with their appearance alone and always come in the form of a beautiful woman. They draw energy from sexual intercourse with men, using them to replenish their strength and power. In doing this they can either drain the life out of their victim, or curse him to be their slave for all time. A single kiss from one of these monsters will bring their victim completely under their control.

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Succubi can be found in different forms in the world of Eden.

  • Normal Succubi - Most common form of this still very rare monster to find. Demonic wings and tail are the only physical tells they have, with their dark and lustful magic being incredibly powerful while their physical strength is far greater than most give credit for.
  • Ascended Succubi - These succubi have increased strength and magic after submitting to a demon lord, a beelzebub. Such succubi are recognized by displaying unique demonic markings on themselves, these being demonic blessings given to them by their queen. These blessings can offer succubi substantial boosts to their magic and strength, making them far more dangerous than their normal counterparts.
  • Man-Eater Succubi - Most succubi will drain a man's lifeforce through sex for energy, or perhaps charm them into being their slaves and sex-toys. Man-Eater Succubi live up to their names by first draining a man's vitality away, and then devouring the man entirely afterwards. Their diet is exclusively men, both their semen and entire bodies, and their strength and magical prowess is nearly at the same level as an Ascended Succubus. Needless to say, they are extremely dangerous. These demons have not only the wings and tail that their fellow sisters have, but also curled horns atop their heads.
  • Tainted Succubi - Only a small handful have ever been encountered in the wild. They have the same demonic wings and tail their sisters do, however these unholy demons have considerably less sexual appeal as they have withered skin, toxic boils, and seem to be animated by dark magic more so than natural lifeforce. All encounters with them by those who managed to flee with their lives report these succubi will assault either women or men on sight, with their victims always dying during the depraved act by seeming to have the life strangled out of them by the monsters' wicked magic. It's unclear if these demons actually breed, since it seems rather difficult for them, or are instead succubi who have been warped by otherworldly forces.
  • Inferior Succubi - Either out of a failed transformation or a woman's soul being unable to handle the dark magic infused in her by her assaulting succubi, these demons are thrown into the world with varying degrees of strength and magic from the mother succubus, however they rarely are at the same level as normal succubi and are often far weaker. Most are rejected and/or killed by the mother succubus after their creation while some are kept as slaves.
    •  !!! Great caution is recommended if one is encountered, even if she is alone with no mother succubus watching over her, as they are still stronger than humans by far and carry a decent chance of transforming into a Man-Eater Succubus during their lives. If horns are seen growing out of their heads, either kill them or run away fast. !!!

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