Daniel Sorres is a male human and the lead protagonist of "Chronicles of Eden". As a visionary/researcher/pacifist, his experiences are the general focus of the series, which centers on his quest to instill peace between humans and monsters in the world of Eden. He is the lead member of a harem consisting of thirteen girls:

As of Act IX, Daniel's family has one baby:


Daniel has short black hair he leaves a little messy and brown eyes. When first seen he wears a darker style of clothing compared to those of his home village. He wears an old black undershirt and gray long sleeved shirt over it that has no buttons. Light brown pants and leather boots complete his outfit, and he sometimes kept a dagger sheathed in a pocket under his outer shirt. The reason for him choosing darker colors at the time was to stand out in his village and show his support for monsters who were considered dark and evil to many.

In Act VII he switches his outfit to a lighter appeal after seeing just how dark and cruel some monsters can be, namely Kitten who at the time had taken over Triska's body and was keeping her from him. From then on he changed to wearing a white long sleeve shirt and a crimson sleeveless vest with three bronze buttons on the front.

In Season II: Act I, Daniel adds more to his existing outfit in the form of black shoulder guards, cape, and gloves. He also now has a crimson edged sword he keeps sheathed at his hip in a white scabbard, and a small golden rimmed white rounded shield he has holstered on his left arm.


Public Speaking: Determined to establish peace ever since he was a child, Daniel's research and calm, bias-free mind have blessed him with strong rhetorical skills. He is able to speak confidently and effectively to both humans and monsters and keeps a cool face even when criticized. Whether victorious or unsuccessful in his speeches, Daniel treats his opponents fairly and speaks truthfully to his audience.

Swordsmanship: Initially Daniel has no experience with a sword and only carries a small dagger for protection. Throughout his journey he gradually learns to use a sword as his primary weapon, with his skill drastically increasing when using Triska/Kitten's aura with Synergy.

Sex Drive: Humorous though it sounds, Daniel's virility is so monstrously high that it's nearly god-like. His stamina in bed is seemingly endless as he's able to have sex with several mates over and over. In Act VII, he was able to overpower Kitten until she fainted by having sex with her for several hours. Additionally, when he made the decision to impregnate his mates, he managed to do so several times for each mate on the same day!

Synergy: The most powerful and mysterious of his abilities is the use of magic known as Synergy. Through his drive to protect and fight for his mates, Daniel discovered a very rare, unheard of magic: Synergy, the power to tap into another monster's energy and use it as a weapon. With enough energy provided he is able to manifest a magical shield and sword for use in combat. He is currently the only known character in the series capable of this feat. For a full list of his current skills in this category, see the Synergy category under Magic.

Ancient Magic: Though only seen briefly in Act XII, Daniel has shown to be able to harness a type of power all but nearly forgotten in the world, that being ancient magic. Upon summoning Ragnarok to him from the depths of the Ether, Daniel displayed a unique casting base for this magic; a white segmented diamond emblem. This insignia is said to be 'The Crest of the Ancients', proving that Daniel is a 'descendant' of them. What limits this form of magic has is yet to be revealed.


Very little is currently known of Daniel's birth and early life. The earliest information on the subject is told via Triska Raylight in Act I, Ch.11. When Daniel was young, his (human) family's carriage was attacked by monsters, resulting in the deaths of his mother and sister and his father being abducted. Before Daniel could suffer a similar fate, however, he was saved by a kitsune named Kindra. This act of kindness, regardless of the reason, would influence Daniel for the rest of his life and is the defining moment for his belief that monsters can be good.

With the young Daniel in tow, Kindra escorted him to the village of Edgewood, where he was found by the village guards. When he told the tale of his family's demise and the monster who rescued him, he was met with doubt by all except Triska, who quickly became smitten with Daniel and would become his first and only friend, to the point where she was motivated to train and became a swordfighter to protect him. Daniel would go on to be ridiculed throughout the years for his claims: an outcast amongst a village who despise monsters and see them as nothing more than "abominations" and "things." Despite being labeled as crazy, however, Daniel refused to back down and thus dedicated his life to studying monsters in hopes to one day end the raping and bloodshed caused by humans and monsters, both to honor his dead family and express thanks to the kitsune who saved his life.


As someone dedicated to bringing peace to Eden and its many diverse people, Daniel is extremely open-minded and compassionate to those he meets, whether they be human or monster. Not only is he intelligent in regards to rhetoric and public speaking, but he is kind and patient towards strangers and would always rather talk peacefully than act aggressively. When presented with a challenge, Daniel will try to resolve the matter rationally and peacefully if at all possible. This is most evident with what he does throughout series, actually walking right up to monstergirls and talking to them despite full knowledge that these creatures are known to forcefully rape and sometimes kill men in the process. As Triska mentioned off-hand in the first book this particular 'strategy' is commonly viewed as suicidal to humans, however it speaks tremendously to Daniel's faith that there can be good in the monsters he talks to and his resolve to find the proof he needs of such peaceful creatures to show the world.

Even if the monsters are known to be especially dangerous and are actively displaying as such Daniel will still attempt to talk them down and appeal to whatever good they may have in their heart, even if there may be none at all. In Act IV when he and his group meet Emily in Eston, a witch who Alyssa identified as a mass-murderer and someone Daniel should not get near, Daniel still tries to speak to her before a fight can break out. He fails in this regard, however it does nothing to keep him from trying again later on. He tries to talk down Ember from killing Alyssa in Act VII, again failing to reach her with words that she refused to listen to. And he again tries to speak to a well-known dangerous monster type upon meeting one in Act IX, Cindy the sand wraith. That time however he was able to reach the good in Cindy's heart and sway her from becoming a bad person in life by showing her how to make friends and what it's like to be with someone she cares about.

However, despite being a pacifist, that isn't to say he's a pushover. Should push come to shove, Daniel has the bravery and spirit to fight, although it takes some time to slowly build upon this through the series. In Act I when confronted with bandits Daniel does manage to draw his dagger and hold it out towards one of them, however given how nervous he was and with how he was shaking he certainly wasn't prepared to actually use it if needed. In Act II when trapped inside a never-ending dream by a nightmare he does manage to strike the fear-inducing monster down with a fatal blow with Triska's dagger, although this was done at the last possible second for him. In Act IV his bravery took a step up when he tried to punch a deathmare in the face to save Triska, something that was indeed brave however incredibly stupid as physical attacks don't work on that monster at all. Eventually, with the growth of his magic and his deep affection for his mates, Daniel has shown that, should anything threaten his girls, he will fight to kill to keep them safe. In Act VIII, he outright threatened to kill Mika Harollson when she and her sisters attacked Falla and the other girls. In the end, though, he just gave the monster hunter a strong punch to the face for harming Kroanette and Pip. By Act XI, Daniel's bravery has reached and even begun to surpass that of his girls', with him choosing to venture into Green Haven armed with the Hellfire's Edge to help rescue the enslaved elves from The Sisterhood because he does not want to sit idly by and do nothing, ultimately confronting Jovian & Jacqueline, the Gemini, with the intent to fight the twins to protect those around them without any fear or hesitation.

A significant quirk he has is his incredibly loud snoring that happens on most nights. It's often described in a very overly-dramatic sense or exaggerated synonym that shows just how loud and abrasive it is. What becomes unique about this is that as the girls of his harem fall in love with him they begin failing to notice it when sleeping with him. While it's painfully obvious he snores when viewed while awake, the girls always seem to sleep perfectly well despite being right next to him so long as they've fallen in love with him. Falla and Clover are the biggest examples of this, as each of them openly complained about his snoring at first, then after joining the harem and loving Daniel they don't notice it anymore.

Forming a Harem

Despite currently having a very large harem of lovely monstergirls who have fallen madly in love with him, Daniel never set out from his home village into the world with any intention or even a hope of finding anyone to love in the world. His only goal was to find monsters that could be peaceful towards humans and try to show his queen that his beliefs were true. It was because of his caring nature, open-mindedness, and determination to help everyone that the girls fell for him one after another. With each of the girls he treated them like they were normal girls who had something exceptional to show the world, something that drew out the girls' genuine affections towards him.

  • Triska fell for him long before the series started as she and Daniel grew up together in Edgewood. Seeing his kind nature, determination to prove that monsters could be allies of mankind, and spending much of their childhood together as close friends, Triska was already past the point of love by the time the series started. It was only after she finally mustered the courage to confess her love to him in Act II that she was then seen as a love interest by Daniel instead of just a friend.
  • Alyssa became infatuated with Daniel after he saved her from a pack of wolves in Act I, right after she was about to rape him for his seed. Seeing him choosing to protect and care for her, despite her lecherous behavior with him, and nearly dying from the wolves by saving her, Alyssa felt true love for a human for the first time in her long life and became a fierce contender for his heart as she decided to genuinely earn his affections without resorting to magic or trickery to steal it from him.
  • Squeak became interested in Daniel after he picked her out of all the ant girls in her nest to accompany him during his journey in Act I. Even though she was under orders from her queen to help him as a sign of goodwill between their nest and humans, Squeak became attracted to Daniel from both his choosing her as well as his caring and protective nature with her.
  • Specca fell in love with Daniel after he rescued her in Ashwood in Act II. First by helping her escape a collapsing library during a monster attack, then by him asking her to accompany him as his guide while not hiding who and what she was with a disguise. With him caring for her even though she was a monster and voicing his support that she should never have to hide what she is, Specca quickly became smitten with the one who resembled a noble knight from the fairytales she had often read.
  • Luna fell for Daniel in Act IV after realizing what he had been preaching was true, with the horrible reality of what rape really was being experienced by her firsthand from the witch Emily. This truth, along with how he always treated her like a normal girl and not a monster, helped Luna see Daniel not as a man to harvest for his seed, but instead someone who genuinely cared about her and who she could truly love.
  • Falla became infatuated with Daniel between Acts IV and V, with her admitting in Act V that she loved him because of how wonderfully he treats them all despite them not being human. After Daniel saved her life from a swarm and admitted he would fight to protect her even from a Darker One, Falla felt her love grow even more from how much he cared about her and confessed her feelings to him directly.
  • Kroanette fell in love with Daniel between Acts IV and V, with her confessing to him in Act V that she loved him because of how he always treats her as a normal girl despite her appearance and how he cares about her. Even though she has the lower body of a horse, Daniel always sees her as the beautiful woman she is to him, something that solidifies her feelings for him as she never thought such a thing was possible before.
  • Pip fell in love with Daniel in Act V because he wouldn't let her be all alone in the world. Despite annoying him and the girls sometimes with her behavior, Daniel promised he would never abandon her or leave her alone, something Pip held onto as she felt at home for the first time with him and the girls.
  • Clover became infatuated with Daniel slowly from her introduction in Act V until Act VIII when she finally admits to herself that she loves him because of not only how well he treats the girls but also her, even with her always treating them so badly with her sour demeanor. In Act IX she confesses her love openly to Daniel, something that shocks everybody, with Daniel answering her prayers by returning her feelings.
  • Doku falls in love with Daniel in Act VII after he keeps reassuring her that she's a great girl and is more talented and kindhearted than she gives herself credit for, this being from her constantly being overly critical and putting herself down so much. From seeing that he can love and care for monsters as well as hearing him saying she's an amazing woman, she quickly becomes smitten and chooses to remain with Daniel, who she then refers to as her husband.
  • Star falls for Daniel between Acts VIII and IX, first from seeing both how kind and caring he was with the girls but also how he valued life of all races and wanted to help bring peace to the world, something that resembled her fallen mother's beliefs and personality. What solidified her affections was Daniel learning the truth about her dark past and mistakes, and forgiving her while assuring her that she is a good person who he doesn't want to abandon. Knowing Daniel truly cares about and accepts her for all that she is, Star becomes completely smitten.
  • Cindy falls for Daniel in Act IX, first from how he protected her from fire (or rather Triska who brandished the Hellfire's Edge at her), and then by treating her so nicely despite her being a dangerous sand wraith. From showing her what real food tastes like, to what its like to have friends instead of just eating everyone she meets, Cindy quickly grows to love everything she gets to experience, something she becomes thankful for while openly expressing her love for Daniel for showing her a better way of living her life.
  • Kitten becomes completely entranced to love and serve Daniel after he subdued her in Act VII, with her changing from wanting to kill him to wanting to be his love slave for all time. Although she tried to rape him to death and turn all his girls into slaves when she first came to be, Daniel forgave her for blindly following her inner nature and agreed to give her a chance to live with them in peace, something she is doing still while learning to open up more and show her kinder side with them despite her nature as a succubus.

By Act IX, Daniel has gathered a large harem of thirteen girls who both love him and wish to aid in his mission of bringing peace between monsters and humans in Eden. Of course it didn't mean a harem formed right away from the start, quite the opposite.

From Act I through Act IV the only girls to travel with him were Triska, Alyssa, Squeak, and Specca. Instead of having make-out sessions and orgies with Daniel the girls fought with one another, both physically and underhandedly, to be Daniel's only mate. Daniel, being more focused with his quest and still new to the idea of finding a girlfriend, played peace keeper with them and continued to show appreciation towards them equally the best he could. During their travels, despite competing for the same man, the girls started developing growing friendships towards each other while Daniel, who began to see the girls in a different light with their feelings for him being known, started to develop an attraction towards them equally as well. This comes to a head in Act IV, when the girls admit they love each other like sisters and never want to lose one another. To further the pressure of Daniel choosing a mate he is ordered by alpha witch Charlotte to prove his words of a human loving a monster by having sex with Alyssa. Alyssa, being hand-given the opportunity to mate with Daniel, denies the chance, stating that if she used Daniel's quest as a means to forcing Daniel to mate with her she would be a horrible person to him and all the girls. She instead demands that since Daniel hasn't made a choice yet who he wants, the only fair way for her to have sex with Daniel is if all the girls join her as well. Triska, Squeak, and Specca are stunned by this while Daniel passes out on the spot. Upon waking up the girls ask if he can choose any of them yet, and find out that he can't because he loves them all equally and just can't choose one over the others. Instead of accusing him of being an indecisive bastard, the girls all express relief that he feels this way as they don't want him to choose one and have the others leave. Knowing Daniel loves them all, they all agree to be his mates together, with them having their first time together as both proof of Daniel's beliefs to Charlotte and also to consummate their feelings for one another. It is then that Daniel's harem is officially formed and its grounding principle becomes established; as long as Daniel loves the girls equally, and the girls all love him and each other in that they never want to be separated from one another, then it all works out for them.

In Act V this continues as Falla, Luna, Kroanette, and Pip all fall in love with Daniel due to him treating them so kindly, keeping them from being alone, and even fighting to protect them. In Act VII Doku quickly becomes attracted to Daniel because of his caring heart and the way he comforts her. In Act VIII Clover, who had at first strongly disliked Daniel and thought him to be an idiot, realizes she fell in love with him too because of how well he treats the others and wishes to be his too. In Act IX Star and Cindy make their love for Daniel known because he treats them so wonderfully despite them having made big mistakes in their past. Daniel realizes by book nine what has compelled him to accept the girls into his harem and why he chose to do so. It wasn't to have sex with them or to use their love to bolster his magic, but instead it was his desire to protect and take care of them because he wanted to give them better lives, that they meant the world to him and he wanted to be the one who had the right to take care of them and make them happy. Understanding this Daniel explains he still has a quest to fulfill and many promises to uphold now. It's at the end of Act IX that all twelve girls, and Kitten since she's part of Triska and can't be gotten rid of anyway, will be the only ones Daniel will love and attempt to take care of, provided he can uphold the promises to the girls that joined his harem first and still keep standing. This means that as of the end of Act IX the harem is effectively 'closed' and no others will be joining or given the chance to join.

As of the latest book the hierarchy in Daniel's harem is as follows:

  • Triska, Alyssa, Squeak, Specca, Falla, Luna, Kroanette, Pip, and Doku are the lead girls in the harem and have the right to both have sex with Daniel and choose who may join them with being intimate with him as well.
  • Clover is part of the harem however hasn't been given the okay by the other girls yet to have sex with Daniel. She is however next in line to be chosen over the latter girls as Daniel has promised to take care of her first.
  • Star and Cindy have been chosen to be taken care of by Daniel so long as he's able to uphold his promises to the previous girls first. If he's still able to keep going after satisfying all of them and all the girls develop strong bonds with each other as well then they may join completely.
  • Kitten currently has almost no standing with any of the girls despite her overwhelming dedication towards Daniel, the only exceptions being Cindy who likes Kitten because she's strong and Luna who expresses her trust in the demon now. She is still learning to open up to the others and develop bonds between them, a process that is very slow for her.

Forming a Family

During the course of the series from it's start Daniel befriends and earns the love of many monstergirls along the way, slowly but surely forming a harem of lovers and believers of his cause. In Act IV Daniel takes the big step and has sex with the first girls to form his harem, Triska, Alyssa, Squeak, and Specca. From that point on they continue to engage in carnal activities, either during or between Acts, while including the new members of Daniel's harem as they join and earn the right from his first lovers to mate with him. In Act VIII the harem lovemaking sessions enlarge to include Falla, Luna, Kroanette, and Pip (even though Pip doesn't actually have sex with Daniel she does at least go fairy-wild with all the girls). However during all their intimate sessions together one rule remains constant: Daniel doesn't finish inside any of the girls and risk getting them pregnant. This is a mutually accepted rule by everyone as they don't want to jeopardize Daniel's quest by having children right away that would either slow down their traveling or stop them completely. Even though all the girls do wish to have children they choose to put Daniel's mission first above all else.

This comes to an end in Act IX. Motivated to take care of his girls and do everything he can to make them happy and fulfilled, Daniel chooses to break their rule and purposefully mates with Triska, Alyssa, Squeak, Specca, Falla, Luna, and Kroanette through to the end, intending to impregnate and start a family with each of them. Knowing that even if having children with his lovers may slow his quest down later on Daniel decides he doesn't want to put off having daughters with his harem as both he and they want to have children together, something he takes upon himself to make a reality as he wishes to give his girls everything they want and deserve.

As of the latest book it is unknown if any of the girls are pregnant yet, however it's safe to assume if they aren't yet they will be soon as Daniel has made it clear he intends to have families with all of them and will not hold himself back from mating with them to achieve that. They do however have their first child in the family as of Act IX even though she isn't a biological daughter to any. During a detour through a cavern Cindy finds a baby swarm amidst a fallen colony of the ravenous monsters, all of them except the youngling having been killed by the harvester, Reiko. Bonding almost immediately with the child Cindy takes her back to Daniel and the group, and after much trepidation, bites, and questioning if swarm can be good-natured, Daniel agrees to keeping the child with them in hopes she can be raised to be less dangerous and uncontrollable like her kind normally are. Donned with the name Snapper, which Cindy chose because of obvious reasons, she becomes the first baby of Daniel's family.


It is said in Act X by Kindra that Daniel has a very strong connection to the magical ether that flows through Eden, something she's seen in him ever since she first saved his life when he was young. Because of this Kindra believes he is the one who can summon Ragnarok, an ultimate sword of power, into the world. While her sister Flarah believes she is delusional Kindra is adamant about Daniel's destiny and plans to have him summon Ragnarok so she can wield it herself and extinguish all evil in Eden.

In Act XII during the battle of Green Haven, after witnessing Squeak's death at the hands of Jovian & Jacqueline, Daniel becomes so distraught in both his fury and sorrow, he withdraws so deep into his mind that his soul manages to reach into the Ether itself. There, Daniel meets the spirit of Ragnarok, the female image of the weapon's soul explaining to him what she is and that she can help him avenge Squeak. Though Daniel shows caution towards the sentient sword, as well as questions what she wants from him in return (without getting an answer), he was focused more on slaying Jovian & Jacqueline and protecting his family than who/what he was talking to. Thus, Daniel agrees to become Ragnarok's new "handler", as she calls it. Upon calling Ragnarok to him, Daniel displays a unique casting base in his hand that she realizes is "The Crest of the Ancients" and remarks that Daniel is an "actual descendant". After grabbing hold of Ragnarok, Daniel returns to his body, now equipped with an ancient armored gauntlet, and proceeds to draw the Ragnarok sword out from the ground below him.

Living up to its reputation, Ragnarok displays a mere fraction of its power when Daniel uses it to singlehandedly slay the Gemini sisters. However it also shows an immense appetite for monster energy, with Daniel's natural being having no monster energy in it to sustain the sword for more than a few minutes. It becomes apparent that a significant amount of monster energy is needed to merely wield Ragnarok, and whether or not Daniel acquires it Ragnarok's soul is bound to his spirit until he dies.

Forming an Alliance

"We need each other, we need each other to prosper, we need each other to survive. And I'm not talking about just with procreation. I'm talking about helping each other, fighting and defending one another, as one collective. As friends. As fellow inhabitants of Eden. As allies."
— Daniel - S.2, Act II, Ch.3

Daniel's goal in the story is to unite mankind with races of monsters who aren't truly evil but rather are misunderstood and merely desperate to breed by any means they can. Firmly convinced that not all monsters are evil at heart, Daniel wishes to find peaceful races that can control their inner nature and become allies not just with each other but also humans as well. Although the mere idea is considered blasphemy by many and impossible by most, Daniel persists with his dream of a peaceful world filled with both humans and monsters working together, and during the first Season of the series meets many new races and learns much more about them and how things really are in the world. While not always successful in recruiting fellow believers of his cause, over time Daniel starts to accumulate not only a harem of diverse and loving monster maidens who stand with him, but also friends and allies to his cause.

In Season II, this leads to the official formation of the faction, rightfully dubbed, The Alliance.


  • Daniel is named after the author's brother, Daniel Gordon.
  • Daniel’s harem was originally meant to have only Triska, Alyssa, Squeak, Specca, Kroanette, and Clover in it. Luna and Falla were first made to always be tag-alongs and comic relief with their attempts to steal Daniel away. The other girls weren’t planned to appear at all until later books were made.


Season 1

  • (after witnessing a rather perverted puppet show) "I'm never going to want a cookie again."
      ~S.1, Act I, Ch.2
  • "How can we convince other monsters to coexist with mankind if we can't even do that with ourselves?"
      ~S.1, Act I, Ch.10
  • "If you want to join me still, then you'd better be ready to stand by my beliefs that we can coexist in peace. Because if you can't coexist with each other, this trip is doomed already."
      ~S.1, Act I, Ch.10
  • "Are you mad? Charlotte questioned skeptically.
     Daniel: "No, I'm just a human who wants the world to stop killing and raping each other."
      ~S.1, Act IV, Ch.6
  • "We're not going to just sit around and do nothing while the world turns its back on us. We're going to heard, we're going to be seen, we're going to make a difference."
      ~S.1, Act IV, Ch.7
  • "I don't judge others by their outer appearance, I don't discriminate by what they are, and I certainly don't victimize them just for following their inner nature! ...just because a monster is compelled to breed, just because they've followed their instincts and did what they deemed to be right for their own survival, that doesn't make them evil. I don't deem monsters to be evil just because they wish to breed, there's nothing wrong with them wishing to do so. That's how they are. ...As long as the girl, human or monster is kindhearted, isn't a murdering creature that has no regard for life around her, and isn't just interested in getting my pants off, then I could love her. I could be with her in life, I could have a family with her, on my own free will."
      ~S.1, Act IV, Ch.9
  • "This is the first time I'm in bed with a naked girl, let alone four."
      ~S.1, Act IV, Ch.11
  • (to Charolette) "Never say never, my grace, "Daniel reminded hopefully. "After all you yourself once believed a human could never love a witch."
      ~S.1, Act IV, Ch.13
  • "I used to wear dark colors like these, to stand out from my fellow villagers in Edgewood. . . People thought monsters were evil and dark, I thought differently, so I guess I wore the colors in a way of support for monsters everywhere. As if their darkness wasn't a bad thing but just something that was misunderstood. . . . But now I don't know if I want to wear such dark colors anymore. . . Perhaps they're too dark, like the kind of monsters in this world that truly are evil and who take everything from you."
      ~S.1 Act VII, Ch.2
  • (to Kroanette) "Alyssa is not a child, she's a witch. Specca isn't a fish, she's a nixie. Squeak isn't a bug, she's an ant girl. And you're not a horse. You're a centaur and the most beautiful one in Eden."
      ~S.1, Act VII, Ch.8
  • "I'll never give up! ...Nothing will keep me from being with my mates! Do you hear me? Nothing!"
      ~S.1, Act VII, Ch.10
  • (to his girls) "I've never felt more alive than when I have all of you with me."
      ~S.1, Act VII, Ch.11
  • (to his girls) "I'm so glad to be here with all of you. I feel like I just woke up, and truly realized how lucky I am to have such beautiful mates in my life. With all of you with me, I feel like I can take on the whole world singlehandedly."
      ~S.1, Act VII, Ch.11
  • "Lying to others was never really my strong attribute. I don't mind failing in that regard."
      ~S.1, Act VII, Ch.11
  • "My name is Daniel Sorres, and nobody is taking my girls from me."
      ~S.1, Act VII, Ch.16
  • (to the Harollson sisters) "There's only so much I can take before my forgiving nature is pushed too far."
      ~S.1, Act VIII, Ch.2
  • (About Snapper) "I don't think anyone has ever given swarm a second thought as to whether they could have a heart to them, and we're just as guilty of that."
      ~S.1, Act IX, Ch.13
  • "...even a pacifist must draw their blade from time to time."
      ~S.1, Act XI, Ch.17
  • "It wasn't suppose to end this way! What the hell, Eden? I was trying to help these people! Give me a break, goddammit!"
      ~S.1, Act XII, Ch.2

Season 2

  • Elf#1: "You animal!"
      Elf#2: "You brute!"
      Elf#3: "You beast!"
      Elf#4: "You bastard!"
      Daniel: "Why are you all saying that while smiling at me?"
      Elf#?: "Our savior is a horny warrior."
      Elf#?: "With never-ending lust and stamina. His seed must be divine just as he is."
      ~S.2, Act I, Ch.1
  • Daniel: (about Squeak) "We will succeed with our quest. We will fight to bring peace to this world with everything we have. Just as you did, my beloved mate."
      ~S.2, Act I, Ch.1
  • Daniel: "When I first started this journey I always found that word to be a little disparaging. Monsters. Like you're evil and abominations just because of how you were born. Monsters... monsters isn't the right world for all of you."
      ~S.2, Act I, Ch.2
  • Felucia: "'re out of your mind."
      Daniel: "That is the common consensus about me."
      ~S.2, Act I, Ch.6
  • "I have a sword on my hip and another living inside me, and you can be damned sure I'll use them both if I have to in order to protect my loved ones."
      ~S.2, Act I, Ch.6
  • Daniel: "Did you ever think a human could love a sand wraith? Did you ever think a human could love a witch? An art girl? Or even a centaur? Did you ever think you would find someone like me in the world? Did you think someone like me could even exist?"
      Felucia: "I can honestly say no."
      Daniel: "So how can you be sure of what will never happen then?
      ~S.2, Act I, Ch.6
  • "After everything I've been through. Everything I've overcome, everything I've faced, everything I've done. After becoming a mate to so many women and coming so far on my quest... after becoming a knight for my family and even a hero to the elves of Green Haven... even after all that...I still can't grow a beard?"
      ~S.2, Act I, Ch.9
  • Ragnarok: "You goddamned fool, you could rule the world by holding me in your hands! Nobody could oppose you! You could have everything!"
      Daniel: "I already have everything. I have a loving family, beautiful mates, and the strength to protect them. I'm going to bring change to Eden, we all are, that's been my goal all this time, but it's not anything like you seem to want or envision. And it's not something you're going to be a part of if this is how you truly are."
      ~S.2, Act I, Ch.9
  • "A monster is someone that is cruel, malicious, devious, and callous towards others around them. A monster isn't someone that looks scary, but instead uses fear and hate to torment people for fun. A monster isn't something you're born as, it's something you become by walking down that terrible path in life."
    ~S.2, Act II, Ch.1
  • "Let it be known to everyone here on this night, that I absolutely hate the word monster. . . . that word no longer holds true meaning, because humans don't understand what real monsters are. . . . Monsters are creatures who truly do wish to bestow pain and suffering unto others. Monsters are wicked beasts who kill and rape people for both survival and fun. Monsters are what the likes of The Sisterhood stand for; complete anarchy and disregard for all life."
    ~S.2, Act II, Ch.3
  • Random Elf: "We can't control what we are, but that doesn't matter to anyone in this world! Humans are never going to give two shits about us, they never have and never will! How in Eden's fucking asshole do you expect that to ever change?"
    Daniel: "Simple! Stop being monsters!"
    ~S.2, Act II, Ch.4
  • (to a group of Elves) "...I just have to point this out as well, you have got to be the most vulgar and intimidating people I have ever met on the face of Eden. All of you swearing and cussing with every sentence you make certainly does not help paint your race in a better light, especially with humans who already believe you to be the devils with how you treat us. For crying out loud, I've heard your children speaking words that I never heard any adults in my hometown saying in all their lives. Have you no shame at all?"
    ~S.2, Act II, Ch.4
  • Felucia: "It's you against the world, boy. What chance do you think you have against that?"
    Daniel: "Odds are getting better every day. I started this journey with only one person in the whole world believing I had a chance. Ask me now how many believe in my dream. Or if you prefer, simply turn your head."
    ~S.2, Act II, Ch.5


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