Diago is an ant girl who resides in the monster city Stonegate. It is currently unclear if she has a nest she hails from or is out in the world on her own.


Unlike other ant girls in the series, Diago dresses in a short formfitting black skirt and sleeveless tunic that's ripped over her large breasts. She wears knee-high black boots, and dark gloves that have steel plating over the fingers, knuckles, and backhands. Her long dark brown hair matches the color of her eyes, her bug antennae sticks out over her messy locks, and her insect abdomen is colored black. She carries a large steel pickaxe with a chain strap to it and also has a coiled chain-link whip holstered on her hip.


In stark contrast to how most ant girls are, Diago is more a warrior than a digger. Hailing from a renowned and feared monster city, Diago proves her right of belonging there with her aggressive and often deadly fighting style. Despite being a fighter and quite intimidating, she has shown compassion to those in need and appears to house a benevolent soul behind her stoic and silent personality.

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