Hellstorm was a sword crafted and magically forged by a cyclops who was coerced by the Gemini into making the weapon, along with Ice Princess, in exchange for her daughter's life. Sadly, neither the cyclops nor her daughter survived the exchange.

Like Ice Princess, Hellstorm is a magically enchanted sword, its element being lightning. It was named and handled by Jovian.


Depending on the attitude of the wielder, Hellstorm can produce electrical surges from its blade and, when swung, could cast mighty, deadly bolts that fry and electrocute its victims. Jovian used it to terrible effect and even tortured Felucia with it when she was captured.


In the Battle for Green Haven, when Daniel Sorres fought the Gemini, the sword clashed with the Hellfire's Edge, and was even able to block and compete with the legendary blade. In the end, however, the Hellstorm met its end along with its wielder. Enraged by her sister's death, Jovian charged to strike Daniel down with her sword. Upon making contact with Ragnarok, Hellstorm shattered, leaving no trace behind.

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