Ice Princess was a sword crafted and magically forged by a cyclops who was coerced by the Gemini into making the weapon, along with Hellstorm, in exchange for her daughter's life. Sadly, neither the cyclops nor her daughter survived the exchange.

Like Hellstorm, Ice Princess is a magically enchanted sword, its element being ice/frost. It was named and handled by Jacqueline.


Ice Princess lives up to its name. Besides being a melee weapon, a mere swing can send razor sharp ice flying, shredding anything they touch and freezing all else. When held, a chilling, frosted haze drifts off the blade.


In the Battle of Green Haven, Daniel Sorres, armed with the Hellfire's Edge, confronted the Gemini and their swords. In addition to it being used to deadly effect, even momentarily crippling Pip, Ice Princess was able to clash against the Hellfire's Edge and survive its demonic might.

At the battle's climax, when Daniel summoned Ragnarok from the depths of the Ether, Jacqueline tried striking him down. Before Ice Princess could vanquish its prey, Jacqueline was fatally stabbed. The sword fell from her hand and was left imbedded in the ground, its owner gone for good.

It's unknown whether Ice Princess survived the volcanic eruption that consumed the elven forest.

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