Leanna is the queen of the human kingdom Rockhelm and later revealed to be a demon lord, a beelzebub, who has been drawing masses of destructive monsters into the land for nefarious purposes.


Leanna wears black heels, a long black cape worn from the waist, a dark belt with three blue crystal orbs placed in the middle, and a short violet and blue-laced edging skirt that reaches down to her thighs. She wears a low-cut purple top lined with golden embroidery that's opened down the middle to reveal her large bust, has short black puffy sleeves with white frilly ends, and a gold necklace with a clean-cut lavender diamond placed in the middle. She has long curly blonde hair with a gold rhinestone decorated crown with purple and sapphire diamonds on it. Her eyes are blue though are often hidden with her friendly smile that she always seems to have. Her wings, which she's able to turn invisible, are monstrous appendages made of sheer darkness with large, bloodshot eyes inside them that constantly twitch and search the surrounding area.



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