Lucky is Alyssa's faithful horse and childhood protector when she was young. He serves as the group's workhorse with pulling their carriages/caravans during the series.


Lucky has the normal appearance of a simple white-haired horse with dark eyes, however when spooked he changes into his demonic form. His hair shifts to black, his eyes glow red, his tail lights aflame along with fire and smoke coming from his nose, and large skeletal wings emerge from his back.


Lucky is Alyssa's loyal horse and served as her protector when she was young during her years in Ritherwood. Alyssa's mother, Misulenne, brought Lucky to their alpha witch, Charlotte, who was a good friend of hers, and asked that the horse be enchanted to help protect her baby. With Charlotte's magic, Lucky was enchanted to become rather terrifying should anything dangerous approach him or Alyssa, however this did nothing to bolster the horse's confidence, as even when in his demonic form Lucky is still very cowardly and can be frightened away himself very easily.

Along with being able to change into a scarier appearance, Lucky also received a considerable stamina boost and longevity from Charlotte's magic. He's able to pull larger caravans made for multiple horses to pull without any problem, and given that he was enchanted when Alyssa was still a baby and is with her to this day, he's also far older than he appears yet seems to have much more life ahead of him still.


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