Lucy is a young copycat who resides in Stonegate, daughter to the copycat countess Eirene, and best known for her rather poor thievery exploits.


Lucy wears brown straps around her feet and ankles, a short leather miniskirt atop tight-fitting black pants that reach down to her knees, and a black and red shaded shirt that has one long sleeve on her left arm. Her red hair is long and tied up in a fluffy ponytail, with her bangs covering the view of her right eye, leaving only her left to be seen with its golden color and feline iris. Atop her head are furry black cat ears that match her lone feline tail, while the rest of her face is concealed as she prefers to wear a bandit mask that has crudely drawn fangs and sharpened teeth across it.


Lucy is an arrogant troublemaker with a penchant for stealing anything valuable she lays her feline eyes on. With her mother, Eirene, being the countess of Stonegate, Lucy often believes she's untouchable and above the law in her city, something her mother constantly contests as reprimanding her daughter for her thieving ways is all but too common for her. Nevertheless, despite her mother's scolding, Lucy is always slinking about the city and it's underground sanctuary in search of new treasures to steal. Of course, her thieving often ends in failure, as she's almost always caught red-handed while boasting loudly about what she just did.

Her bad habits of stealing whatever she can get her hands on aside, Lucy also comes to odds with her mother over their role in the land. While her mother wishes for the copycats to hide safely from the world while acting benevolent to those they come across, Lucy insists they should follow their ancestors ways of life, by taking whatever it is they need and want by any means available to them, even if it means being bad cats in the world. Given her lack of morals and honor among those around her, it's clear that Lucy is treading close to following in her ancestors footsteps more so than her mother's.

Another notable aspect about Lucy is her odd choice in how she goes prowling for valuables to pinch. As a copycat, she has the innate ability to change her appearance to anyone she wants, yet she is always seen, whether pulling a heist or not, in her normal form. The only thing she has in terms of hiding herself is a mask she wears over her mouth, however this does very little in protecting her identity. Why she doesn't change her appearance to hide or blend into a crowd has yet to be revealed.

Harem Status

"Now you see her, now you don't, it's too late now, this cat stole it all just to gloat."
Poem by Alexander Gordon


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