Minos is the ninth and final girl to join Daemon's harem in the series, or at least is fated to. She finally made her appearance in Act I of Season 2 and is determined (and giddy) to become Daemon's mate.


Being a minotaur, Minos is naturally very tall and powerfully built, sporting full-blown abs. Her arms are muscular with matching leather bracers and bear glowing blue tattoos that start at her hands and reach all the way up to her neck. Her legs resemble those of a bull from the knees down with dark brown fur and black hooves. Her black hair is extremely long and reaches down to her thighs and bull tail, the ends of a few locks equipped with metal arrowheads. Two curved white horns stick out of her head, each with golden bands wrapped around the centers. Her clothes consist of a brown leather skirt with a belt, steel hip guards, and a large steel breast plate to hold her giant bosom. Her jewelry consists of two silver earrings, one in each ear, and a golden gem stuck on her chest.

Her eyes, like her tattoos, glow a haunting blue, and even imbue her weapon of choice: an enormous double-sided battle axe that's as large herself.


From what is seen of her, Minos has demonstrated a deep love for battle and challenge. She boasts a very loud voice with all of her sentences being in capital letters. She has a proud fighting spirit, savors the thrill of combat and the hope to brawl with worthy foes.

Humorously, despite Minos' tremendous strength, magical skills, and hearty laugh in the face of danger, she has a jaw-dropping quirk: she's shy around men.


Strength: This one goes without saying, as anyone who even glances at Minos will know right off the bat she's incredibly strong. She wields a battle axe that's as large as herself with one hand and is ripped with muscles that look as strong as steel.

Magical Caster: Minotaurs are said to be as strong with their magic as they are with brute force, and Minos is no exception. While her tattoos, eyes, and battle axe have radiant blue glows to them that clearly show this, the extent of her magical abilities remains unknown. All that's been seen so far is her creating barriers to block a barrage of lightning attacks that appeared to shine with a surplus of magical energy in them.

Harem Role



Season 1

    ~S.1, Act XI, Ch.11

Season 2

  • Hollia: (spotting Minos for the first time) "Is that a minotaur?"
    Rulo: "Well it sure ain't a humper."
    ~S.2, Act. I, Ch.3
    Sasha and co.: "What?"
    Daemon: "I feel as though I'm missing something here."
    ~S.2, Act I, Ch.5


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