Misulenne, the Flamewave Witch, is known to be Alyssa's late mother. She has had no appearances in the main story so far, only being referenced by name. Although her showing up in the story again hasn't been confirmed, she is featured in the Chronicles of Eden - Wildfire comic.


No description of Misulenne has been given in the main story. According to her official artwork that was included in the Chronicles of Eden Season 1 Artbook, Misulenne wore black boots, a short red dress, and a small brown shawl around her shoulders. Her shortcut hair was rosy red and her eyes were violet. Her purple gemstone focuser was worn around her neck and she carried a gnarled wooden staff with four crimson orbs set on the top.


Misulenne's personality isn't detailed in the main story as of yet, however she was noted to be very good friends with alpha witch Charlotte in Rystone. She lived in the neighboring forest of Ritherwood before it was burned down and was a welcomed member of Charlotte's witch coven. She's known as the Flamewave Witch, and being Alyssa's mother it's easy to assume she had similar, if not more refined, control over fire.

After her daughter Alyssa was born, Misulenne had requested Charlotte to enchant their horse, Lucky, to be Alyssa’s protector while she grew up, knowing Charlotte was an expert when it came to magically enchanting animals. This was very likely done because of the dangers that plagued their homeland. Not only was there a human village of Eston located to their south, but the woods also served as home to wolves who were known to harass and attack the witches in the forest. Despite the dangers, though, the witches continued to make the woodland their home next to the village of Rystone and lived their lives in content until that fateful day in the near future.

Although it's unclear how old Alyssa was at the time, what is known is that one day wolves attacked her and her mother in the forest. Alyssa, being too young and not having her focuser yet, was helpless and unable to help her mother with fending off the animals. All she could do was hide and try to keep quiet as the wolves assaulted and ultimately killed her mother, with her dying screams further traumatizing the young girl, and sparking her hatred of the beasts that would one day lead to her burning down the forest. All that remained of Misulenne was their home, which Alyssa refused to leave behind despite wolves infesting the surrounding forest outside, and her necklace with her focuser, which Charlotte kept in loving memory of her dearly departed friend.

It's unknown if Misulenne ever had any other daughters in her long life. Alyssa has never mentioned having sisters, either alive or dead, however in all fairness nobody has asked her such specific questions as of yet, so until then there is no confirmation either way.

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