CoE Season 1
Season I - Unity encompasses the first 12 books in the series, with its general focus being on the main protagonist, Daniel Sorres, journeying into the world on his quest. The theme of Unity comes from the general focus of Daniel meeting, befriending, and eventually forming a harem of lovely monster maidens who join him in his cause to bring peace between monsters and humans. Starting out on his quest as a timid visionary, Daniel not only grows into a wise scholar and journeyman, but also a brave knight and loving mate to many beautiful women, with his evolution as a character along with those of his mates being the main focus of the story arc.

Along with Daniel's growth and building the foundations for his future as a noble leader and family man, the Season also introduces readers to the secondary protagonist of the story, Daemon Warrick, who's quest to keep a dreaded and ancient evil sealed away runs in parallel and even crosses paths with Daniel's during the story. While Daniel's arc is about growing as a person and forming a loving harem who help him stand tall in a harsh world, Daemon's journey involves him gathering a harem of his own with his devoted followers as he and his women opt to use swords and violence to keep the peace rather than words and heart-filled speeches. A third protagonist, Max Harollson, is also revealed, however his adventures are only towards the end of the Season, with just enough being hinted to show that he too will be playing a part in the overall story later on with his own harem of young monstergirls.

And of course the villains of the story are revealed, with one in particular being the major antagonist(s) of the first Season, those being the Gemini sisters. The world of Eden is expanded just enough to show where Daniel and Daemon travel to, while also revealing there's much, much more in store ahead of them by the end of the Season. Many locations, side characters, and monstergirls are shown and spoken about during the first arc, giving readers a good idea of what the world is like while also teasing them that so much more awaits in the next Season.

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