Shadow is an elven woman who died long ago and has since served as a warden of the underworld, her task being guiding fallen souls to their afterlife in the city of Vexus.


Shadow wears a variant of the traditional elven garb. She has black boots and gloves with silver straps on the ankles and wrists, fishnet stockings, a dark tight-fitting skirt with violet edgings, a black and green tunic she keeps undone over her cleavage, and the quiver on her back is filled with arrows that have long silver feathers on their ends. She wears golden arm bracelets, has long black hair with a silver tiara worn atop her head that has a dark green diamond set over her forehead. Her ears are long and pointed like all elves and her eyes are purple. The bow she wields has a jagged frame made of bone and sinew while the front has two small skulls facing outward between the handle.



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