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Sheal is the fourteenth girl to join Daniel's harem and is a salamander woman who once sided with The Sisterhood. After being betrayed by the monsters she has switched sides and joined with Daniel's family in fighting against them.

As of Season 2, she, along with Rolian and Felucia, have become Daniel's new maids, a role Sheal takes with pride in honor of the man who helped her see a better way.


Sheal has the typical appearance of most salamander women; reptile feet with fiery scales covering her legs, long tail, arms, and sides of her chest. She has long dark hair and bright, glowing orange eyes, large reptilian ears, and sharpened teeth. She wears leather bracers, a leather petal skirt, and a long orange scarf with torn and burned ends.

In Season 2 she takes to wearing a black and gray colored maid uniform after becoming Daniel's maid. She wears a red scarf around her neck and a fiery red headband atop her head.


Fighting - Sheal appears to be familiar with combat. During the Battle of Green Haven, she was able to fend her own against Rio and members of the Sisterhood. She demonstrated both strength in fighting and cleverness in how she forced other salamander womens' mouths shut before they could launch their bile.

Molten Bile - Salamander women have the unique ability to spit globs of searing hot bile from their mouths. This molten hot goo is powerful enough to burn away flesh. However, the supply is most likely limited.

Heat Resistance - Sheal's body-heat and scales are naturally hotter than most people's. Regular clothing, with the exception of leather, burns away at the touch of a salamander's woman skin and scales. Their mouths, anuses, vaginas are so hot, that the only way they can successfully mate is to have sex in bodies of water or mud pits.

As a result of her hot scales, it is probable that Sheal may have a higher tolerance for heat and may be able to survive longer in areas with fire or painfully high temperatures.


Sheal has a deep fondness for her fellow salamander women and longs to help give them a better life. Through this, she and her sisters joined the Sisterhood, believing they would be given such a life in return for their service. Sadly, this delusion was shattered upon seeing her sisters get murdered after failing to keep Grace secure for Jovian to butcher.

Alone and forlorn, Sheal didn't know what else to do. She had nobody and was trapped in a horrible, seemingly inescapable situation that she had unknowingly sold herself to; that is, until Squeak saved her life. The two struck up a fast but honest friendship that ended up saving both their lives. Unlike how salamander women are believed to be — being violent, cruel monsters who love hurting others — Sheal showed grief at Squeak's death, even shedding a tear for the loss of the only friend she had.

After the Battle of Green Haven, and witnessing Squeak die, Sheal continued to feel out of place, guilt-ridden by her actions in the Sisterhood as well as confused towards Daniel and his family for treating her with kindness and mercy. This suggests that she was rarely shown such treatment while living in the wastelands.

Sheal has shown to possess a strong conscience. She goes as far as to beg the elves she once tormented to punish her for her crimes. She also has a sense of pride which she displayed upon becoming Daniel's servant and defending his name when Felucia insulted Daniel.


Sheal and her two sisters joined the Sisterhood out of the hope of building a better future for herself, her family, and her people who have struggled and suffered for generations in the wastelands. Thus, she and her sisters agreed to follow the Gemini on their bloody crusade and took part in the invasion of Green Haven and even became the Gemini's personal guard. Despite their leaders being so evil, Sheal kept to the hope that she would help her people rise from the ashes of their miserable existence. But this all changed when Grace escaped Green Haven under her sisters' watch.

Sheal watched helplessly as her sisters were publicly murdered by Jovian & Jacqueline in front of their followers and the captive elves. In that moment, she realized that the so-called promise the Gemini made of a better life was nothing more than a lie, a lie she allowed herself to be swindled into. Her only family dead, Sheal was left alone among the savage monsters. During the Battle for Green Haven as the volcanic fissure beneath the forest was ruptured, Squeak saved Sheal's life when a falling tree almost crushed her. From there, she and Squeak forged a fast friendship and helped to protect each other from Rio, and even slayed the savage scorpia together. Sheal, angered by her sisters deaths and touched by Squeak's willingness to save a complete stranger, joined Daniel Sorres and the others as they fought off the Sisterhood grunts and their leaders. She witnessed Squeak's murder at the hands of Jacqueline, a moment that struck at Sheal's heart and caused her to shed a tear when she was brought to Ruhelia afterwards where she mourned with Daniel and his mates. She then spent three days outside, seated next to a campfire, feeling unworthy of the kindness and hospitality Daniel and his mates showed her.

Weighted by terrible guilt and painful shame for her part in the Sisterhood, Sheal begged Daniel to punish her. Seeing she would never be able to move on without receiving retribution, Daniel finally allows it by handing her fate over to Alyssa. Under the impression that Alyssa was going to shove a two-foot barbed phallus up Sheal's anus, Specca and her co-mates felt fearful and sorry for the salamander woman. However, it was later revealed that Alyssa's "punishment" was actually to display Sheal, along with Rolian and Felucia, on stage before all the elves, dressed in skimpy maid's outfits. Humiliated, Sheal accepted it and Alyssa's offer of being a servant for the elves. However, the elves turned down the offer and insisted that Sheal and the others serve Daniel insisted, something she took with honor.

Thankful for his kindness and his mercy, Sheal wholeheartedly agreed to become Daniel's servant and call him her new master. Thus, she joined Daniel and his cause in hopes of redeeming herself and to help Daniel bring forth a future that she and her fellow sisters can be a part of — a world where they can be loved and respected for who they are.


Sheal's insignia is a rose burning with orange light.

  • Fire Immunity - When channeling Sheal's aura, Daniel gains immunity to fire and heavy sources of heat. With this ability, Daniel becomes completely fireproof like Alyssa, and is able to mate with Sheal without any concern for her natural body heat.
  • ??? - Pending Season II

Harem Status

As of S2. Act I, Sheal joins Daniel's family as their new maid. By S2. Act III, she becomes Daniel's newest mate and joins his harem. Her role in the harem is being Daniel's servant, something she takes very seriously and with high honors. Sheal also loves having him as a master as that compliments her fetish and gives her the perfect excuse to indulge in it with him.


"Please, master, make me your pet!"

-S2. Act III, Chapter 9

Sheal's fetish is to be treated like a pet. Being a salamander woman, she always feared nobody would want her around or want to keep her close. In her eyes, if someone were to put a collar and leash on her, that would be undeniable proof that they wanted to keep her near. And while the thought of becoming a wife for a man was too unlikely to ever happen, the prospect of becoming someone's slave was far greater, and thus sparked her fetish in becoming as such. The scarf she normally wears around her neck was chosen as it was more socially acceptable to have on than a collar and leash, something she would have preferred to wear instead. It's shown that when Daniel puts a collar and leash on her, even for a little while, Sheal becomes completely docile and lustful in his presence, with her opting to crawl on her hands and knees and also pant like a dog. She even dreams of him treating her like a lowly animal and having her bark like a dog for him.

Running Gag

After Sheal becomes part of Daniel's family, first as his maid, and then his lover, characters begin commenting on her large hip and rear size. Both characters and even story narration often remark how much "meat" she has down there, and how "thick" or "plump" her rear is. There have even been several times where she's been felt up and groped during these statements as if to prove it. Given her hip measurements are second only to Kroanette's in Daniel's harem, this trait of hers appears to be based in fact, though it doesn't stop Sheal from becoming embarassed and flustered every time it's brought up.


    Season 2
  • Sheal: "...I'm a salamander woman, don't I frighten you?"
      Falla: "No. You were Squeak's friend. You were... the last one she made."
      ~S.2, Act I, Ch.4
  • "Such kindness, mercy, and a chance to live again; I shall not squander these gifts. I shall serve Lord Daniel Sorres with the highest of honors and I swear I shall atone for my sins by his benevolent grace."
    ~S.2, Act I, Ch.12
  • Sheal: "I promise, I do wish for there to be peace for my people. I want them to be respected, not feared. That's all we ever are, feared. Loathed. Hated. I want that to stop. I want my people not to be treated like abominations or devils from the pits of hell, I want them to be"
      Daniel: "Equals."
      ~S.2, Act II, Ch.1
  • Daniel: "You've shown more heart and decency in your actions than what is ever conveyed in encounters with your kind. You have a sense of honor, compassion, and hope for a peaceful future. . . . You look nothing like a dangerous monster or lecherous fiend of fire, you've only shown a reserved side of yourself in our presence, and that's allowed your true charm to shine through."
      ~S.2, Act II, Ch.5
  • Sheal: “It was like a dream, something I could only have wished to- hey! Wh-What are you doing?”
    Doc: “Hmm. Wow, you really filled out here, girl. I’m guessing based on the curvature and plumpness of your meat here you’ve got a womb that could probably handle… I’m guessing… a dozen cumshots? Maybe fourteen on a good day. Does that sound about right for the amount of sperm he pumped into you? I’m thinking that’s about right and-”
    Sheal: “What are you talking about? And what do you mean plumpness? Why does everyone say I have a lot of meat down there? Is my butt really that big?”
    ~S.2, Act III, Ch.9