Triska's Bag is, as the name implies, the personal carrying bag for Triska Raylight in the story. Although it appears to be an ordinary duffel bag at first glance, it has shown to be anything but during the series.

The bag was used by Triska very regularly during the first half of Season I. Setting out for their adventure from Edgewood for the first time, Triska packed all the necessary supplies she thought she would need for the journey, something that led to the bag becoming not only a source of survival for her and Daniel, but also a running source of comedy and puzzlement for everyone. This is due to the bag carrying literally anything and everything the heroes might ever need, a physical impossibility to say the least. During the series Triska has been frequently seen pulling all manner of supplies and items out of the bag, many of which that seemed impossible to store in the bag in the first place. Some examples of this are medical supplies, food rations and bottles of water, full-sized boards and nails for repairing holes in their mobile home, a perfectly sized sheath for the Hellfire's Edge when she first comes into possession of the sword, and blankets and pillows for everyone in her party to sleep and rest on during the trip.

Not only this, but the bag does seem to recognize the laws of physics when it comes to weight, somewhat. While Triska has always been able to carry the bag with one hand without any problem, anyone else who tries has risked breaking their backs attempting to lift the impossibly heavy luggage. Even when resting on the ground it normally cracks the surface below it due to it's massive weight.

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