VelRyan Avelrian is a human male and the Headmaster of Shadow's Refuge, located at the base of Red Peak. He is both a powerful sorcerer and a humble, kind gentleman who, like Daniel Sorres, understands the good that exists in monsters.

He is aided by his friends and assistants, Syliandanchevas and Vale, and is the loving father of Bermuda.


VelRyan dresses in black boots with white straps on the tops, dark blue leggings, an auburn sweater with a black belt worn above his waist, red shoulder covers with white embroidery edges, and a long black cape that's lined with blue. He wears a gold ring on his wedding finger and silver rings with blue gemstones on his middle fingers. Around his neck is a silver necklace with a round brass locket that holds a picture of his late wife, Lylyian. His eyes are blue, his brown hair is somewhat styled and goes down to his neck, and he has a light beard on his face.


Despite being very powerful with magic, VelRyan is not in any way arrogant. Upon first meeting him, Max Harollson and his friends discovered that VelRyan is quite jovial and friendly, expressing sympathy for their troubles.

He's also very even-tempered. He wasn't the slightest bit up set when Bermuda and Vale admitted to misunderstanding their mission. He even showed tremendous patience to Grace's rude behavior and managed to calm her anger.

He takes his position as Headmaster very seriously, thinking of all those resting and recovering within the sanctuary and takes their considerations first before his own. As such, he is very busy, even going as far to say that his job never ends.

He expresses nothing but fondness for Syliandanchevas and Vale, trusting them completely. He deeply loves his daughter, Bermuda, whom he has raised to be kind and taught to use and control magic. He also shows undying love for his late wife by still wearing his wedding ring and wears her picture in a locket as an ever-lasting testament.


  • VelRyan: "You've opened your eyes to something that most humans don't see in this world." 
    Max: "What's that?" 
    VelRyan: "Not all monsters are evil. Not all monsters deserve the hate humans give them. Not all monsters are truly monsters." 
    ~Act XI, Ch.12 


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